Hostels in Budapest

Infinity Party Hostel

1Akácfa utca 49. Budapest,Hungary 1073
Those who choose to reside at Infinity Party Hostel will certainly love admiring Budapest, a city which is renowned in east Europe for its cleanliness and friendliness of locals.

Full Moon Design Hostel

1Szent István körút 11. Budapest, Hungary 1055
The Full Moon Design Hostel is a new addition to the hostels of Budapest. Located in the center of Budapest, the Full Moon Design Hostel has public transportation about 20 or so meters from its front door…

Retox Party Hostel

retox6Ó utca 41. Budapest, Hungary 1066
As its name implies and as visitors will soon find out after their arrival, Retox Party Hostel is not a people where guests come to relax, contemplate or sit during their business travel.

Penthouse Privates Hostel

penthouse1Király utca 56. Budapest, Hungary 1068
Located in Budapest, the Penthouse Private hostel is just a 20 minute walk from the beautiful Danube River. This hostel is ideal for both people who are looking to explore the night scene…

Rastel Hostel

rastel1Vajdahunyad Utca 4. Budapest, Hungary 1082
Located in Budapest, Hungary, the Rastel is popular among travellers who are looking for affordable accommodation, but do not want to stay in a dirty, uninviting place.

89% Rating

Base Budapest Hostel

1Kossuth Lajos u. 1. Budapest, Hungary 1053
Base Budapest Hostel and Backpackers is a beautiful centrally located hostel, just 100 meters from Vaci Street. The location of this hostel makes it very convenient for its visitors.

Treestyle Hostel

1Wesselényi u. 32. Budapest, Hungary 1077
Offering a kitchen and reception desk, this hostel is located 400 meters from the metro station Blaha Lujza M2 in Budapest.

Central Backpack King Hostel

1Október 6. u. 15. Budapest, Hungary 1051
Central Backpack King Hostel is located in District 5 of Budapest, 400 meters from Arany János metro station.

7×24 Central Hostel

1Király u. 14. Budapest, Hungary 1061
The 7×24 Central Hostel is conveniently located in the Deak Square district in the centre of Budapest. Only a short five-minute walk to the nearby subway station…

Grandio Party Hostel

1Nagy Diófa u. 8. Budapest, Hungary 1075
The Grandio Party Hostel is an exciting new addition to Budapest’s kert scene. May it be enthusiastic tourists or sober guests who wish to simply have a comfortable place to stay…

Live! Hostel

1Rákóczi út 27b. Budapest, Hungary 1088
If you looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation in Budapest, Live! Hostel is your best choice.

Carpe Noctem Hostel

c1Szobi utca 5, 3/8a. Budapest, Hungary 1067
Carpe Noctem Hostel is the one of the perfect places for single and multiple travelers who want to socialize, hang out and experience life in the city during the day and at night…

Big Fish Hostel

3bfErzsébet krt. 33. Budapest, Hungary 1073
The Big Fish hostel in Budapest is a relatively new hostel that has opened its doors in the heart of this wonderful and vibrant city.

David Hasselhostel Party Hostel

da1Ó u. 37. Budapest, Hungary 1066
If the name, the David Hasselhostel Party Hostel is not intriguing enough for you, then perhaps you will prefer to learn more about this hostel in Budapest…

70% Rating

Downtown Oasis

do1Károly krt. 24. Budapest, Hungary 1052
The Downtown Oasis hostel in Budapest can be found in the very heart of this historic city. This is not your usual type of hostel that you may be used to staying…

93% Rating

Honey Hostel

h1Klauzál u. 31. Budapest, Hungary 1072
The Honey Hostel in Budapest could not be located in a better position for those individuals that want to experience the real party side of this amazing city.

Budapest Budget Hostel

bb1Ipar u. 21. Budapest, Hungary 1095
If you are looking for a cheap place to stay in Budapest, then the Budapest Budget Hostel is going to tick all of the boxes.

Friends Hostel

f1Teréz krt. 4. Budapest, Hungary 1066
The Friends Hostel in Budapest is located in a rather grand looking building, but inside what you get is a friendly and laid back hostel that is going to be the perfect location…

All Central Hostel

ac1Bécsi u. 2. Budapest, Hungary 1052
Located near the banks of the Danube river, the All Central Hostel is one of the most prominent budget hostels in Budapest.

Colors Budapest Hostel

c1Veres Pálné u. 14. Budapest, Hungary 1053
Color your world and have a wonderful time in the city by staying at the Colors Budapest Hostel. Enjoy its central location that will let you discover beautiful history…

Marco Polo Top Hostel

mp1Nyár u. 6. Budapest, Hungary 1072
The Marco Polo Top Hostel is the ideal starting point of explorations in Budapest, whether you’re looking to making the most out of your stay discovering the city…

84% Rating

Basilica Hostel

ba1Hercegprímás u. 10. Budapest, Hungary 1051
The Basilica hostel in Budapest is one of those places that you are going to love to call home no matter how many days you plan on staying there.

Iskola 2.0 Hostel

is1Hegedű utca 3. Budapest, Hungary 1061
Iskola 2.0 hostel lies in the Terézváros district of Budapest which is at the very centre of the city. The hostel is at walking distance from both the Opera and Oktogon subway station.

Jump In Hostel

ji1Váci street 11. Budapest, Hungary 1052
Jump In Hostel in Budapest is one of the most prominent hostels in Hungary. It is just 10 minutes walk away from Jewish museum…

40% Rating

Amazing Hostel

1Dohány u. 22-24. Budapest, Hungary 1077
The Amazing hostel in Budapest is setting the bar high when you just think about its name because it really is making you expect so much and they have to then deliver…

Maverick Hostel

1Ferenciek tere 2 Budapest, Hungary 1051
The Maverick Hostel in Budapest has a name that automatically makes you believe that this is going to be something that is completely out there and different from everything else that you have ever experienced.

Adagio Hostel 1.0 Oktogon

1Andrássy út 53 Budapest, Hungary 1062
The Adagio Hostel 1.0 Oktogon in Budapest may sound rather fancy and to be honest when you pull up outside the building and see how grande it looks from the outside…

Mandala Hostel

1Krúdy Gyula u. 12 Budapest, Hungary 1088
The Mandala Hostel in Budapest is a place that is rather deceiving since it looks pretty horrible from the outside but do not allow that to put you off…

Animation City Hostel

1Haris köz 2 Budapest, Hungary 1052
The Animation City Hostel in Budapest has a rather intriguing name which is really saying something considering that Budapest, in general, is quite an intriguing city.

Hostel Relax

1Láncszem u. 10 Budapest, Hungary 1183
Located in what is known as the Green Area of the 18th District of Budapest, Hostel Relax is certainly well named considering their primary focus…

84% Rating

Carpe Noctem Vitae

1Erzsébet krt. 50 Budapest, Hungary 1073
Even though the name itself may be intriguing, this is a hostel in Budapest that delivers on exactly what you expect from budget accommodation.

Home Made Hostel

1Teréz krt. 22 Budapest, Hungary 1066
If you are looking for a unique hostel experience, then the Home Made Hostel in Budapest is certainly the place to be. This hostel has been furnished using only second hand objects…

Hostel Rila

1Fehér Holló u. 2 Budapest, Hungary 1097
In the center of Budapest, a modern and refurbished hostel stands out. This is the famous Hostel Rila. The hostel is class apart and it matches the standards of the city.

Ace Hostel

1Váci u. 46 Budapest, Hungary 1056
The Ace Hostel in Budapest is not the kind of place where you can expect to be swept off your feet by how elaborate everything is because…

71% Rating

LOL Boutique Hostel

1O utca 14 Budapest, Hungary 1066
Fabulous!! This is the description of the LOL Boutique Hostel in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. This Hostel is found within the 6th district of Budapest.

William’s Guesthouse and Hostel

1Erzsébet krt. 44 Budapest, Hungary 1073
William’s Guesthouse and Hostel is best described as being more like a small, family run hostel that really pushes across its friendly nature and approach to providing…

70% Rating

HoBar – The Hostel Bar

1Erkel u. 16 Budapest, Hungary 1092
So, what can we say about the HoBar – The Hostel Bar in Budapest? Well, we need to begin by describing this downtown hostel as being one of the liveliest hostels in the city…

Hostel Budapest Center

1Semmelweis u. 2 Budapest, Hungary 1052
Hostel Budapest Center is located in the inner city district of Budapest. This was historically called the 4th district.

Grand Hostel Buda

1Hűvösvölgyi út 69 Budapest, Hungary 1021
The Grand Hostel Buda is located at the foot of the Buda hills although this is still just 10 minutes away from the main downtown section of the city.

Frankys Hostel

1Hutyra Ferenc u. 6 Budapest, Hungary 1074
From the outset you would imagine that Frankys Hostel is going to be a pretty hip and cool place to stay as the name certainly gives off that kind of vibe.

81% Rating

The Groove Hostel

1Szent István krt. 16 Budapest, Hungary 1137
The Groove Hostel has the kind of name that is going to make you automatically jump to some conclusions as to what to expect if you go ahead and book to stay there.

Baroque Hostel

1Dózsa György u. 80/a Budapest, Hungary 1071
The baroque hostel in Budapest can perhaps be described as one of the best kept secrets in Budapest. The hostel is low key and yet this is the surprising part…

Ciao Budapest Hostel

1Krúdy Gyula u. 12 Budapest, Hungary 1088
The Ciao Budapest Hostel is located in the middle of the city in its very own historical building and the location has to be one of the best things about this hostel.

Mandarin Hostel

1Vajdahunyad u. 30 Budapest, Hungary 1082
The Mandarin Hostel in Budapest can perhaps best be described as having some rather quaint and elegant aspects mixed in with what you generally expect from a hostel.

Red Fox Hostel

1Rumbach Sebestyén u. 6 Budapest, Hungary 1075
At the Red Fox Hostel in Budapest you are assured of being given a warm and friendly welcome from the moment you step inside. This particular hostel is known as a party hostel…

Absolut City Hostel

1Károly krt. 13 Budapest, Hungary 1075
The Absolut City hostel in Budapest is capable of providing you with a clean and modern place to stay that belies the usual ideas of what staying in a hostel is all about.

Age Budapest Youth Center

1Ráday u. 16 Budapest, Hungary 1092
A cultural establishment built to grant young people the opportunity to be accommodated right in the very pleasant Budapest central area at surprisingly cheap rates…

CoolTour Hostel

1Asbóth u. 19 Budapest, Hungary 1075
The CoolTour Hostel in Budapest certainly has the kind of name that makes you want to find out more and what you then find is that this is a hostel…

Hello Budapest Hostel

1Gönczy Pál u. 1 Budapest, Hungary 1093
Just from the name alone you get the idea that staying at the Hello Budapest Hostel is going to be fun and a positive experience and that is exactly…

Adagio Hostel 2.0 Basilica

1Andrássy út 2 Budapest, Hungary 1061
The second Hostel of Adagio has been situated on an ideal location every guest will come to appreciate. Where else would be the perfect place to stay in Budapest…

Deak Hostel

1Anker köz 1 Budapest, Hungary 1062
The Deak Hostel in Budapest is the kind of place that is only focused on delivering basic accommodation to the budget traveler that wishes to see what the city…

Casa de la Musica Hostel

1Vas u. 16 Budapest, Hungary 1088
If you are on the lookout for a lively hostel in Budapest, then Casa de la Musica has to be high on your list of potential places to stay.

Broadway Hostel

1Ó u. 24 Budapest, Hungary 1066
Located just a 12 minute walk from the main railway station, the Broadway Hostel in Budapest is perhaps best described as being a budget hostel…

Multipass Hostel

1Csengery u. 84 Budapest, Hungary 1087
The Multipass Hostel in Budapest is best described as being an extremely comfortable flat that is modern in its interior as well as its approach to being a hostel.

Best Choice Hostel

1Váci u. 23 Budapest, Hungary 1052
The Best Choice Hostel in Budapest can be found at Vaci and it is close to a metro station meaning it is easy enough to get there.

Happy Hostel

1Városház u. 8 Budapest, Hungary 1052
The Happy Hostel in Budapest does sound as if it is setting itself up to fail because surely it means that everything connected to it has to be happy?

Hostel Essence

1Teréz krt. 4 Budapest, Hungary 1066
700 metres from Opera House and 200 metres from Oktogon Subway Station in the middle of Budapest stands a modern and stylish Hostel.

86% Rating

Gold Hostel

1Csokonai utca 12 Budapest, Hungary 1081
Gold Hostel is located in the heart of Budapest’s artistic neighborhood Jozefvaros. This petite, yet tidy, hostel is centered in a neighborhood…

80% Rating

Wombats City Hostel

1Király u. 20 Budapest, Hungary 1061
Wombats City Hostel is very conveniently located in the Bohemian 6th district. It is at a walking distance from the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út station.

The Hive Party Hostel

1Dob u. 19 Budapest, Hungary 1074
The Hive Party Hostel in Budapest is one of those places that really does lay it all on the line from the moment that you even just see its name.

Essential Hostel

1Arany János u. 27 Budapest, Hungary 1051
The Essential Hostel in Budapest is a bright and spacious modern looking hostel that is right in the heart of the city. In all honesty, you are going to be surprised…

Avenue Hostel

1Oktogon 4 Budapest, Hungary 1067
In the middle of the city, a modern and refurbished hostel stands out. This is the Avenue Hostel located in Budapest in Hungary. The site is more strategic to both…

Pal’s Hostel

1Szent István tér 3 Budapest, Hungary 1051
Situated in the historical center of the city, Pal’s Hostel in Budapest is capable of offering you amazing accommodation at a rock bottom price.

Ginkgo Hostel

1Szép u. 5 Budapest, Hungary 1053

Ginkgo Hostel Budapest is one cozy Hostel located in the center of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It is situated less than 300 meters…

Alice Hostel

1Fiumei út 10 Budapest, Hungary 1081
The Alice Hostel in Budapest is situated just 300m from the nearest train station, so new travelers to the city will find it exceptionally easy to find the hostel in the first place.

Gregersen Art Premium Hostel

1Lónyay u. 31 Budapest, Hungary 1093

There is no doubt that the Gregersen Art Premium Hostel in Budapest should win an award for having the most intriguing name out of any hostel in the city…

Guru Hostel

1Andrássy út 53 Budapest, Hungary 1062
The Guru Hostel in Budapest is fortunate enough to be located in a central part of the city which means that you are going to be in a perfect position to

Guru Hostel 2

1Teréz krt. 4 Budapest, Hungary 1066
Guru Hostel Two in Budapest certainly has a rather intriguing name but if we look beyond that then what we see is that this is a hostel that is in a prime location…

DBC Hostel

1Csengery u. 11 Budapest, Hungary 1074
With its location just 10 minutes from the Oktogon Metro in the middle of the city, it is clear that the DBC hostel in Budapest has the potential for offering..

Boomerang Hostel

1Bank u. 7 Budapest, Hungary 1054
If you are looking for a straightforward and honest place to stay in Budapest, then the Boomerang Hostel is certainly one place that is going to be able…

Acacia Hostel

1Akácfa u. 43 Budapest, Hungary 1072
The Acacia Hostel in Budapest is one hostel that is more than capable of providing you with a suitable place to stay during your visit to this very vibrant city.

89% Rating

Seagull Hostel

1Kossuth Lajos Utca 2 Budapest, Hungary 1052
The Seagull Hostel in Budapest certainly has a rather interesting name, but it does not stop there when it comes to pretty amazing things…

82% Rating

A+A Hostel

1Ferenc krt. 29 Budapest, Hungary 1094
If you are looking for an inexpensive place to stay in Budapest, then there is no doubt that the A+A Hostel is going to fit the bill. This may very well just be…

86% Rating

Pesto Hostel

1Veres Pálné u. 16 Budapest, Hungary 1053
Even though the Pesto Hostel is situated on a quiet street in Budapest, that is not to say that things are going to be boring or dull during your stay there.

83% Rating

Zrinyi Hostel and Guesthouse

1Zrínyi u. 4 Budapest, Hungary 1054
The Zrinyi Hostel in Budapest is in the very heart of the city and we are talking about just a distance of some 200 yards from the world famous Chain Bridge…

Boat Hotel Fortuna

1Szent István park Budapest, Hungary 1137
The Boat Hostel Fortuna in Budapest contains 42 different rooms and as the name suggests it is indeed located on the River Danube giving you a pretty unique insight…

Hostel Flandria

1Szegedi út 27 Budapest, Hungary 1135
The Hostel Flandria in Budapest is situated more to the north of the central part of the city although thanks to the public transport this is not a real issue for those…

B My Bed Hostel

1Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 3 Budapest, Hungary 1061
The B My Bed Hostel in Budapest is certainly a rather interesting name although that is just the start of it all when you then see what is on your doorstep due to its fantastic location.

GoodMo House

1József u. 13 Budapest, Hungary 1084
The GoodMo House in Budapest is the kind of place that is able to provide you with basic accommodation in a fantastic location in the city and at a price that you are going to love.

Emerald Ensuites Hostel

1Károly krt. 12 Budapest, Hungary 1052
Located 100 m from Dohany Street Synagogue is the Emerald Ensuites Hostel. A well furbished hostel located in Disrict v karoly korut 12, 05 in the heart of Budapest in Hungary.

72% Rating

Art Photography Hostel

rastel1Rákóczi tér 6 Budapest, Hungary 1084
Just from the name alone it makes you feel that you are going to have a wonderful stay at the Art Photography Hostel in Budapest and this is one place where you are not going to be disappointed.

Yolo Hostel

rastel1Nagymező u. 49 Budapest, Hungary 1065
“You only live once” this is not the abbreviation of Yolo hostel but a good reason why you should visit and spend some time here.

Corvin Point Hostel

rastel1Nap u. 4 Budapest, Hungary 1082
The Corvin Point Hostel in Budapest is a bright, spacious, and modern hostel that acts more like a small hotel rather than what you would normally expect from this type of accommodation.

Njoy Budapest Hostel

rastel1Rákóczi út 9 Budapest, Hungary 1088
With it being just a four minute walk from the nearest metro station, there will be no problems in you getting to the Njoy Budapest Hostel thanks to its more central location.

Zsofi’s House Hostel

rastel1Szent István krt. 15 Budapest, Hungary 1055
Zsofi’s House in Budapest is certainly a hostel that is capable of providing you with high quality accommodation, but at the same time there is no doubt…

Astoria City Hostel

rastel1Rákóczi út 4 Budapest, Hungary 1072
Budapest is among the most sought after destinations worldwide, being an exciting, bustling, amazingly beautiful place teeming with sights and spots.

Shantee House Hostel

rastel1Takács Menyhért u. 33 Budapest, Hungary 1113
Shantee House in Budapest prides itself on offering low cost and comfortable accommodation to those travelers that are looking to get quite a lot for next to no money.

Emerald Hostel

rastel1Károly krt. 10 Budapest, Hungary 1052
There is no doubt that Emerald Hostel is one of the most superb Hostels found in the downtown in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Emerald is located on a modern apartment…

White Rabbit Hostel

rastel1Vámház krt. 15 Budapest, Hungary 1093
The White Rabbit Hostel in Budapest is certainly capable of winning an award for the best name, but this is a place that is packed full of different facilities that will help…

Bazar Hostel

rastel1Dohány u. 22-24 Budapest, Hungary 1074
The Bazar Hostel in Budapest is certainly not a Bazar place to stay even though the name may very well imply that to begin with. Instead, this hostel is not only in a very good location…

Motel California Hostel

rastel1Liszt Ferenc tér 4 Budapest, Hungary 1061
When it comes to names for a motel then this one has to be the catchiest as the Motel California in Budapest just conjures up the idea of you having a wonderful time in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Deep Guest House

rastel1Csengery u. 45 Budapest, Hungary 1067
Even though the building itself is pretty non-eventful, the same cannot be said for what lies inside the Deep Guest House in Budapest. Instead of it being dull and boring…

74% Rating

Hipster Hostel

rastel1Baross u. 3 Budapest, Hungary 1081
Hipster Hostel is situated on the third floor of a building just 20 minutes walk from both the city center (Budapest) and the nightlife district. The site is 400 m from the Hungarian National…

Comebackpackers Hostel

rastel1Fehér Hajó u. 8 Budapest, Hungary 1052
Comebackpackers is one of the hostels found in the heart of Budapest the capital city of Hungary. It is 500 metres from Dohany Street Synagogue…

79% Rating

Krudy12 Hostel

rastel1Krúdy Gyula u. 12 Budapest, Hungary 1088
The Krudy12 Hostel in Budapest is situated in the Pest region of the city and even though the building may look rather plain on the outside it does not fit…

86% Rating

Interflat Hostel

rastel1Podmaniczky u. 27 Budapest, Hungary 1067
The Interflat Hostel in Budapest is more than just a series of rooms as it also contains a number of serviced apartments that may appeal to some individuals.

Aurora Hostel

rastel1Belgrád rkp. 27
Budapest, Hungary 1054

Aurora Hostel Budapest is one of the recent additions to the hostels in Budapest. It is positioned in the 05. Belváros – Lipótváros District in Budapest.

77% Rating

BPArt Hostel

rastel1Üllői út 11
Budapest, Hungary 1091

The BPArt Hostel in Budapest is one of those places where you know you are going to have a great time while staying there. Located just a mere 450 yards…

73% Rating

City Garden Hostel

rastel1Vajdahunyad Utca 4. Budapest, Hungary 1082
Located 200 m from the city center of Budapest is the famous City Garden Hostel. City Garden stands at a strategic place in a central location to most transport options like the…

Ravin Hostel

rastel1Wesselényi u. 41 Budapest, Hungary 1077
The Ravin Hostel in Budapest is in the Jewish sector of the city but that does of course mean that you have so many things to do and they are right on your doorstep.

East Side Hostel

rastel1Jobbágy u. 11 Budapest, Hungary 1076
The East Side Hostel in Budapest is the kind of place where you are assured of a warm welcome no matter how long you plan on staying.

West Side Hostel

rastel1Teréz krt. 56 Budapest, Hungary 1066
The West Side Hostel in Budapest is located on the Pest side of the city, but that just means that you are in a pretty good location for going ahead and checking out…

A2 Design Hostel

rastel1Wesselényi utca 4. Budapest, Hungary 1070
For the best value matched with the best experience in Budapest, bringing the flair of modern city lifestyle, A2 Design Hostel is the best place to stay.

Art Hostel Gallery

rastel1Döbrentei út 2-4. Budapest, Hungary 1013
Art Hostel Gallery is located in Budapest, 500 meters from the Citadella. It is set near the Castle Bazar’ which is famous and a World Heritage Site.

Aventura Boutique Hostel

rastel1Visegrádi u. 12 Budapest, Hungary 1132
The Aventura Boutique Hostel in Budapest is a family run location that is a mere 200 yards from the Grand Avenue of Budapest.

Zen House Hostel

rastel1Repkeny utca 11 Budapest, Hungary 1023
Zen House in Budapest is one of those places where the name tries to hint at the kind of experience that you are probably going to end up having should you go ahead and book.

89% Rating

Oleander Hostel

rastel1Szép u. 5 Budapest, Hungary 1053
The Oleander Hostel in Budapest is located close to the Hungarian National Museum as well as a key train station so getting there should never be a problem.

Paprika Hostel

rastel1Jókai tér 8 Budapest, Hungary 1061
If the Paprika Hostel in Budapest sounds spicy, then that is certainly not providing you with the full picture. Instead, this hostel is in a wonderful location as it is…

Paprika Hostel 2

rastel1Zichy Jenő u. 31 Budapest, Hungary 1066
Paprika Hostel 2 is located in Budapest’s 6th district, at walking distance from Oktogon Metro Station. It’s the sister hostel to Paprika Hostel.

East Station Hostel

rastel1Thököly út 6 Budapest, Hungary 1076
Looking for the perfect accommodation in Budapest? The East Station Hostel situated at the city center and is the ideal place to be for reliable comfort…

75% Rating

Island Hostel

rastel1Margitsziget, Sirály Csónakház Budapest, Hungary 1138
Island Hostel is one of the several fancy Hostels in Budapest, Hungary. As the name suggests, this hostel stands on the green surroundings on the Margaret Island.

Little Bunk Hostel

rastel1Wesselényi u. 30 Budapest, Hungary 1077
Little Bunk Hostel is not only popular for its ambiance but also for its strategic location in the center of Budapest. It is found just 16 km from the famous…

76% Rating

11th Hour Cinema Hostel

rastel1Magyar u. 11 Budapest, Hungary 1053
The 11th Hour Cinema Hostel in Budapest has an intriguing name and that is not the only reason why you might consider going ahead and booking a bed for the night here.

Come On Inn Hostel

rastel1Holló u. 1 Budapest, Hungary 1075
We have to admit the the Come On Inn should win an award for the best name for a hostel and that is only part of the fun that you will be able to have during your stay there.

90% Rating

Miller Hostel

rastel1Molnár u. 33 Budapest, Hungary 1053
Situated on the Pest side of the city, the Miller Hostel offers budget accommodation that not only provides you with all of the basics but it does so with a smile on its face.

85% Rating

Westend Hostel

rastel1Váci út 32 Budapest, Hungary 1132
The Westend Hostel in Budapest is a hostel that enjoys a central location in the city with it being situated a mere 650 yards from a nearby train station so getting to it is not going to be a problem.

Trapartment Hostel

rastel1Kertész u. 42 – 44 Budapest, Hungary 1073
The Trapartment Hostel in Budapest is a rather cool place to stay and it is in a pretty good location with it being close to the Opera House which means it is pretty much in the heart of the city.

88% Rating

Spaghetti Hostel

rastel1Síp utca 5 Budapest, Hungary 1075
The Spaghetti Hostel in Budapest is located in the Jewish section of the city but on the other hand that also means that it is in a fabulous location…

Suite Hostel

rastel1Imre utca 4 Budapest, Hungary 1093
The Suite Hostel in Budapest not only provides you with some clean and friendly accommodation but it does so in quite a central location allowing you to explore the city without straying too far at any given time.

Plaza Rooms Hostel

rastel1Faludi u. 22 Budapest, Hungary 1138
Plaza Rooms in Budapest offers you clean and compact accommodation in the city at a price that you will love. Situated just a 20 minute metro ride from the…

81% Rating

Locomotive Hostel

rastel1Baross tér 2 Budapest, Hungary 1083
The Locomotive Hostel in Budapest is a mere 450 yards away from a train station so getting to it is hardly going to be a problem. The hostel itself may be in a residential part of the city…

Minoo House Hostel

rastel1Mikszáth Kálmán tér 3 Budapest, Hungary 1088
Minoo House in Budapest is not your average kind of hostel as it is not only set in an historical building but it has also been designed by various artists giving it a particularly unique feel.

Budapest Centrum Hostel

rastel1Nádor u. 26 Budapest, Hungary 1051
Budapest Centrum Hostel is situated a mere two minutes walk from the Hungarian Parliament so it really is in the heart of the city.

Season Hostel

rastel1Donáti u. 46 Budapest, Hungary 1015
The Season Hostel in Budapest is located in the 1st district which means that it is close to the Buda Castle. This does mean that it has the advantage of being…

Season Hostel 2

rastel1Bakfark Bálint u. 3 Budapest, Hungary 1027
Season Hostel 2 in Budapest is of course a sister hostel to Season Hostel which is situated close to Buda Castle in the city. However, this hostel is on the Buda side…

City Hostel Pest

rastel1Ráday u. 43 Budapest, Hungary 1093
As the name suggests, the City Hostel Pest is located on the Pest side of the city and that does of course mean that you are going to be in the absolute heart of everything that the…

City Hostel Corvin

rastel1Tavaszmező u. 7 Budapest, Hungary 1084
The City Hostel Corvin in Budapest is a rather cool place to stay and is a mere 750 yards from the Grand Boulevard which does mean that you are in a prime place in the middle of the city.

Vecsey Hostel

rastel1Szél u. 11 Budapest, Hungary 1035
The Vecsey Hostel in Budapest is one of those places that is able to provide you with low cost accommodation and can still offer you a comfortable place to stay.

73% Rating

Hostel Merkaz

rastel1Síp u. 6 Budapest, Hungary 1075
Hostel Merkaz is the kind of place that does not look like it will be up to scratch from the outside thanks to it being in a non-descript building but in all honesty once you…

74% Rating

Blue Diamond Hostel

rastel1Üllői út 30 Budapest, Hungary 1085
The Blue Diamond Hostel in Budapest is quite a cool place to stay with a real laid back atmosphere that is going to undoubtedly appeal to a lot of people.

75% Rating

Goat Hostel

rastel1Rákóczi út 40 Budapest, Hungary 1072
The Goat Hostel is probably going to conjure up some rather interesting thoughts in your mind just because of the name, but it is clear that all is not quite as it seems.

Swing Out Hostel

rastel1Klauzál u. 23 Budapest, Hungary 1072
The Swing Out Hostel in Budapest is certainly one of those places with an interesting name that deserves to be examined in a bit more detail.

91% Rating

Gaia Hostel

rastel1Kossuth Lajos u. 17 Budapest, Hungary 1053
The Gaia Hostel in Budapest is certainly a fun place to stay if you have never been to this amazing city before. Not only is it very well situated for checking out everything that the…

Visit Hostel

rastel1Vásárhelyi Pál u. 2 Budapest, Hungary 1114
The Visit Hostel in Budapest is quite a cool place to stay when visiting the city with you being guaranteed to get a warm welcome no matter if you are staying for a single night or longer.

Budapest Bubble Hostel

rastel1Bródy Sándor u. 2 Budapest, Hungary 1088
The Budapest Bubble hostel is certainly an interesting name for a place to stay and it is going to be somewhere that you are not going to be disappointed with what is on offer.

City Rooms Hostel

rastel1Veres Pálné u. 5 Budapest, Hungary 1053
If you are looking for a place to stay in Budapest that is going to provide you with ease of access to everything that the city has to offer, then the City Rooms should be high on your list of possibilities.

82% Rating

Anadin Female Hostel

rastel1Pozsonyi út 54 Budapest, Hungary 1133
The Anadin Female Hostel in Budapest is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to the name in that it is a female only hostel making it one of the few to exist.

Origo Parliament Hostel

rastel1Nádor u. 34 Budapest, Hungary 1051
The Origo Parliament Hostel in Budapest is certainly going to intrigue a number of people simply by the name and it is best to see if it can deliver on what it appears…

City Hostel Buda

rastel1Szüret u. 2 Budapest, Hungary 1118
If you are on the lookout for clean and comfortable accommodation during your visit to Budapest, then City Hostel Buda is certainly capable of providing everything you need and then some.

75% Rating

City Hostel Westend

rastel1Podmaniczky u. 8 Budapest, Hungary 1065
The City Hostel Westend that prides in perfection is one of the best when it comes to the choice of stay in Budapest. Run by a company that has more than ten years…

71% Rating

Season Hostel Hill

rastel1Felvinci út 8 Budapest, Hungary 1022
The Season Hostel Hill in Budapest is able to provide you with basic accommodation that is not only clean but is also comfortable enough for you to have a great night.

66% Rating

Barocco Hostel

rastel1Lónyay u. 9 Budapest, Hungary 1093
The Barocco Hostel in Budapest is in a fantastic location in the city as it is in the real heart of Budapest and is not too far from a metro station which makes getting…

Lavender Circus Hostel

rastel1Múzeum krt. 37 Budapest, Hungary 1054
If you are looking to book into a hostel that has a rather intriguing name, then the Lavender Circus Hostel in Budapest is certainly going to be one place that you are going…

Azurro Hostel

rastel1József krt. 36 Budapest, Hungary 1085
The Azurro Hostel in Budapest can be found in a truly wonderful location as it is on the Grand Boulevard in the absolute heart of the city.

Activity Hostel

rastel1Andrássy út 7 Budapest, Hungary 1061
The Activity Hostel in Budapest is in an absolutely fantastic location in the city as it is just 200 yards from St Stephen’s Basilica and this location just opens up a number…

Bella Hostel

rastel1Népszínház u. 16 Budapest, Hungary 1081
The Bella Hostel in Budapest is in a wonderful location as it is a mere 1km from the National Museum so you do have a number of the major sights surrounding you.

89% Rating

Festival Backpackers Hostel

rastel1Kertész u. 33 Budapest, Hungary 1073
The Festival Hostel in Budapest is located in a luscious green belt part of the city and it is less than one mile from the River Danube and part of it commands…

71% Rating

Toucan Hostel

rastel1Rákóczi út 20 Budapest, Hungary 1072
The Toucan Hostel in Budapest certainly has a rather interesting sounding name and if you think that it is going to have splashes of color just like the bird…

88% Rating

2Night Hostel

rastel1Vajdahunyad u. 4 Budapest, Hungary 1082
The 2Night hostel in Budapest is best described as being quite a cool hostel that has an absolutely perfect location in the heart of the city that then allows…

Next Hostel Budapest

rastel1Szt. István krt. 22 2. em. 1
Budapest, Hungary 1137

Located just 800 meters of Hungarian Parliament Building and only 1km from the State Opera House, the Next Hostel Budapest is the ideal place to spend a night when you are in Hungary.

60% Rating

Flow Hostel

rastel1Gönczy Pál u. 2
Budapest, Hungary 1093

Located just some 100 meters from the Great market Hall, the Flow Hostel offers great accommodation, free Wi-Fi and a wonderful terrace. Located conveniently within…

West Budapest Hostel

rastel1Szent István krt. 22
Budapest, Hungary 1137

Centrally located at the heart of Budapest,West Budapest Hostel prides itself as the finest place to enjoy the Hungarian hospitality.

82% Rating

Green Garden Hostel

rastel1Vajdahunyad Utca 4. Budapest, Hungary 1082
Located just some 7 kilometers from the Great Market Hall and in close proximity to other top amenities, the Green Garden Apartment is among Budapest’s finest hostels.

92% Rating

Walking Bed Budapest Hostel

rastel1Vajdahunyad Utca 4. Budapest, Hungary 1082
Walking Bed Budapest has one mission, which is to offer top-notch accommodation for all guests coming to Budapest.

85% Rating

Hostel One Basilica

rastel1Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 3
Budapest, Hungary 1065

Located in the 0.6 Terezvaros District of Budapest, the Hostel One Basilica offers top range accommodation complete with free Wi-Fi and a shared lounge.

Opera Hostel Budapest

rastel1Ó u. 15
Budapest, Hungary 1066

If you are planning to visit a new city, it’s very important to find somewhere you can sleep and be safe during your stay.

Royal Rooms Hostel

rastel1Wesselényi utca 30 1/3
Budapest, Hungary 1077

The Royal Rooms Hostel is located right at the heart of Budapest, and it prides itself as the one-stop shop for all accommodation needs.

62% Rating

Unity Hostel

rastel1Király u. 60
Budapest, Hungary 1068

Located within the central business district of Budapest, Unity Hostel offers modern accommodation services complete with free Wi-Fi and other top services.

E14 Design Hostel

rastel1Erzsébet körút 14.
Budapest, Hungary 1073

When it comes to accommodation, Hungary has no shortage of it. One of the finest hostels that guests spend at when they come to Budapest is the E14 Design Hostel.

Simple Hostel Budapest

rastel1Wesselényi u. 19
Budapest, Hungary 1077

Simple Hostel Budapest lives to the full meaning of that name. The rooms are simple in design and light in decors but will give you the kind of comfort you have been accustomed to.

Jazzy Vibes Parliament Rooms

rastel1Nádor u. 34
Budapest, Hungary 1051

Affordability,strategic location and cleanliness are some of the characteristics that set Jazzy Vibes Parliament Rooms apart from its peers.

88% Rating

MKE Hostel

rastel13a Stróbl Alajos utca
Budapest, Hungary 1087

For travelers, finding modesty accommodation is something that should go a long way into making a great stay wherever you are visiting.

74% Rating

Metropolis Hostel

rastel1Rákóczi út 78
Budapest, Hungary 1074

Downtown Budapest is where great things go down. You have a million reasons to pick a hostel around here for your stay.

Jungle Hostel

rastel1Csengery u. 11
Budapest, Hungary 1074

Do not let your meager travel budget stop you from going to Budapest. Why would I say such a thing when it is all money that will take you there, give you a place to sleep and get back home?

Hostel One Budapest

rastel1Rumbach Sebestyén u. 6
Budapest, Hungary 1075

Hostel One Budapest can accurately be defined as the one-stop spot for accommodation and fun for guests who are looking to have it all served under one roof.

V61 Hostel

rastel1Visegrádi u. 59-61
Budapest, Hungary 1132

How does underground accommodation sound to you? Well, Budapest is among the few cities that will give you a chance to experience how it feels to put up below the ground.

83% Rating

Hang Out Budapest Hostel

rastel1Kerepesi út 1
Budapest, Hungary 1087

Set only 8-minutes walk from the famous Hungarian National Museum, Hang Out Budapest boasts a shared lounge and highly clean rooms.

87% Rating

Inside Hostel Budapest

rastel1József krt. 45 1/2
Budapest, Hungary 1085

Set in a tranquil and calm street , the Inside Budapest Hostel aims to provide the best possible accommodation for guests coming to this city for a short period of time.

Das Nest Budapest

rastel1Akácfa u. 10
Budapest, Hungary 1071

Catering to the needs of short-term visitors who just want a place to stay for a limited period of time, Das Nest Budapest is your one-stop-shop for all your accommodation needs.

90% Rating

Just Like Home Hostel

rastel1Tompa u. 23
Budapest, Hungary 1094

A popular hostel in Budapest, Just Like Home is found in Budapest’s market district. It’s located close to the top attractions of the city.

77% Rating

Right Spot Hostel

rastel1Nagymező u 40,
Budapest, Hungary 1065

One great way to know all about a city is staying at its heart. Budapest, a place of many wonders, is one fascinating city that you can never have enough of it.

57% Rating

Black Dog Hostel

rastel1Teréz krt. 7
Budapest, Hungary 1067

Unknown to many, Hungary is one great place to add to your bucket list. Specifically, Budapest offers some of the best tourist experience like you would never find in any other city.

73% Rating

Budapest, located in Hungary, is a fascinating city for any visitor. It is a huge city with a myriad of attractions ranging from museums, historical sites, entertainment spots and river cruises. Moreover, it has sufficient accommodations for any visitor. The city is the capital of classic music, and it is characterized by a youthful appearance. Budapest is also a commercial, cultural and political center in the Republic of Hungary.

The city came into existence in 1873 due to a merger of Pest, Buda and Old Buda (Óbuda). The Danube river separates the city, and the lively Pest is located at the East while the hilly Buda is in the West. The original part of Budapest, Óbuda, is located on the West of the Danube. It is simply an extension of Óbuda that is located in the North. Pest and Buda are linked with two railway bridges and seven normal bridges. Furthermore, there are six islands on the Danube that are part of the city.

Basic information
- Airport: Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (BUD)
- Budapest area code: 1
- Population: 1.7 million
- Nicknames: Heart of Europe, Pearl of the Danube, Paris of East Europe, and Queen of the Danube

The city is comprised of 23 districts which are also known as Ker or Kerulet. The districts have official names, and they are numbered. Every district is linked to the name of former towns in the city. When you look at Hungarian street signs and maps, the districts are identified using Roman numerals. It is also possible to determine the districts using the two middle numbers that are part of the Hungarian four-digit postal codes. When you want to know a particular location in the city, then it would be wise to determine the district number since you have streets sharing the same name in different districts.

Budapest is linked to many cities around Europe, and you can easily fly to the city using low-cost airlines such as Wizzair and Ryanair. Moreover, a significant number of long-haul flights are available as the country has continued to witness an increase in tourism over the years. One such connection is Air Transat from Canada. You can easily access transport from and to the airport such as the 200E bus that goes from the airline to the M3 metro station. The train will then take you to the city. The entire journey can take an hour, and it will require only a single transit ticket. There are also taxi services, official shuttle, and private shuttle services from the airport.

However, public transport is the best choice for anyone who prefers cheaper travel. Budapest is easily accessible via train and bus from all the key cities around Europe. This makes the city an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the sights while traversing through Europe to Budapest. The city has three main railways, and they are linked to the metro system. It also has four long distance bus stations to and from the various destinations in Europe. You can also rely on connection services to get anywhere in Europe. Most cities in Europe, like Vienna, Munich, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Ljibljana and Zurich offer daily trains to Budapest.

Historical locations
Budapest has a high number of historical sites and locations. For instance, the country’s parliament is one of the most popular buildings in Europe. It is the largest parliament in the continent, and it was designed in 1896 by Imre Steindl. The design was part of millennia celebrations. The construction began in 1880, and it took two years to complete. The building has a close resemblance to England’s parliament, but it is longer and wider. The construct is enormous, and its concrete foundation is 7 foot thick. The building is a piece of architectural art, comprising of 88 statues that represent the Hungarian military commanders, princes, and rulers.

Vajdahunyad Castle: the castle is built based on the Transylvanian fortress. The construction was to house the 1896 millennial celebrations in Hungary. The three different wings of the structure were inspired by various art movements. It includes the Baroque, Romanesque, and Gothic art movements.

Royal Palace: The Royal Palace is also a great sight to see. Even though you can enter the palace grounds with no charges, it will cost you money to enter some attractions and museums. You can get to the palace via various means such as foot, bus and tourist funicular. Historically, the palace has been destroyed and reconstructed over six times. Even though it was home to rulers, it also hosted invaders such as the Turks. Currently, the palace has been converted into a museum. The national gallery is also located in the palace.

Fisherman Bastion: The construction was completed in 1905 after fifteen years of development. It has seven towers that denote the Magyar clan leaders who arrived in the Carpathian basin during the 9th century. The building is named as such since it housed the Guild of Fishermen, and it was also close to the medieval fish market.

Central market hall: This is the most visited location in the city. Many tourists prefer to visit the market as it is located in the city center. You can easily find traditional Hungarian cuisines and souvenirs.

Galleries and Museums
The city is home to a diverse number of attractions. You can visit the National Gallery that is located in the Royal Palace. The doors are open from Tuesdays until Sunday. You can also pay for guided tours or audio guides. The gallery is comprised of four floors of various artworks including baroque and renaissance paintings, sculptures, and modern-day Hungarian art installations and paintings. You can also find modern art at the Hall of Art that is located in the city center. Other galleries include the House of Terror that was used as a prison during the Nazi regime. The city has an extensive number of museums showcasing different artistic elements.

Churches and Parks
Margaret Island is the largest park in Budapest, and it can be accessed from both sides of the city. The city also has several churches with medieval constructions. These include Rock Church, Matthias Church, St. Stephen Cathedral, the Jewish Museum, and the magnificent synagogue. The Budapest Zoo is also connected nearly, and it is one of the oldest. There are over 800 animals in the park. The city has many social events for visitors. It includes events where you can sample Hungarian beverages for free. The city is also known for public baths, which were introduced by the Turkish. Some of the famous baths include Gellert Spa, Rudas Baths, and Szechenyi. The baths also have swimming and thermal pools. The waiting lines in the thermal baths can be very long, especially in the summer. The Heroes Square is also a popular location in the city. You will find a statue complex known as the Hungarian Millennium Monument. The square has two museums on either side. These are the classical museum that has old artworks, and the Hall of Arts.

Budapest hostels
Budapest has many hostels that suit different price points. You can find accommodation in private rooms and converted flats. You can choose to reside in the luxury estates in the exclusive Buda Hills and housing guesthouses. Most five star hotels charge over $300 for a single night. However, you should note that accommodation in Buda is limited in comparison to Pest at the other side of the river.

A large number of the hostels have prices ranging from $10. They also offer some free amenities for guests such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, a city map, guidebooks, bus and train timetables. The hostels make it convenient for any first time visitor to enjoy the city with minimal costs. The languages spoken are English and Hungarian, so it will not be difficult for a visitor to communicate and interact with the locals.

Most of the hostels have small rooms, while some have apartments. The rooms are furnished, and you can expect Hungarian décor in most hostels. Most of the hostels have a self-contained kitchen, allowing you to make your meals, minimizing costs. Most of the hostels are located in the city center. This ensures that you are close to the popular attractions, and you can easily walk around the city. The geographic position of the city makes it easy for a visitor to navigate and visit the popular attractions. Most of the rooms combine modern and historical design. The city has many roads and streets that began in the middle ages. You can reach any popular location by foot within 10-20 minutes. Budapest also has a wide variety of restaurants, coffee houses, and bars.

If you prefer a themed hostel, then the Aventura Boutique is a wise choice. The rooms have themes from various regions which are Japan, Africa, India. This hostel also has a space themed room, and it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a unique experience. The Maverick City Lodge is also renowned for its modern theme. The hostel has private rooms for families, a common area, and a kitchen. The hostel also has lockers for every resident.

The Casa De La Musica is one of the cheapest hostels. It has both private rooms and dormitories. The city center is close to the hostel, allowing residents to walk to the major attractions nearby. The Fortuna Boat has a romantic atmosphere. It is located on the river on a boat, allowing for a good view of the city. One of the highest rated hostels is the Wombats City Hostel. The price per night is quite good for the average tourist at $10 per night. The hostel is located in the center of downtown. It is an excellent location to access a large number of the city’s attractions. It is surrounded by many historical sites such as the Grand Synagogue, St. Stephen Basilica and the world heritage site, the Andrassy Avenue. This area is often converted to a party district at night.

The Shante House or Backpack Guesthouse is the best choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the Hungarian atmosphere. The hotel charges about $12 for a standard eight bedroom. It has a comfortable room, magical atmosphere, and joyful surrounding. The hostel is surrounded by an Asian garden with pear and apple trees, Mongolian yurt, and hammocks. The hostel also offers caving tours, bike rides, and massage.

The Marco Polo is also a good option for backpackers. Some of the amenities include a private room and lockers. It resides near many clubs and pubs. The art galleries are also close by, so they can be accessed on foot. The 11th Cinema Apartments and Hostel is also a popular choice due to its location. The hostel has a classical look, and it is a unique hostel in the city. It is a real hostel rather than a converted apartment as is the case with most hostels in Budapest. The hostel offers free drinks, snacks, movies, internet connectivity and table football. The hostel also has a courtyard and a common room.

The city is an excellent location for parties. It arises from the large number of party hostels such as Retox. This is the most famous party hostel in Budapest. It has a bar and in-house strippers. The party hostel is often a good starting point for bar crawls. Other party hostels include Instant Groove, The Hive, Grandio, Unity and Carpe Noctem. You can even arrange for a private party in the hostels if you want. Party buses are also available, and you can choose to rent a strip club to enjoy a particularly unique night.

You can make arrangements and participate in stag parties. Most of the hostels allow individuals to arrange for private stag parties, and they will also provide refreshment and food during such events. Stag parties often occur during the weekend, with a myriad of establishments offering various services. Some of the services offered by entertainment spots include a stag dinner, strip bar, guided pub crawl, oil or mud show, and casino. Any bachelor about to be married will enjoy the activities slated for a stag weekend.

Fun activities
If you want to enjoy the city, you can also walk across the Danube river. It is easily accessible from any hostel located in the city. You will be impressed by the scenic view such as the parliament, statues, and turrets. You can also walk through the bridges or go for a bike ride. Tram 2 is also a favorite mode of travel in the city. Furthermore, it is the most scenic tram route since it runs along the Danube river. If you want an even better experience, then you can cruise along the river. The best time is at sunset or during the night when the city lights up as nightlife comes to life. There are different types of boat tours such as the panorama boats. These are good choices since they are covered with glass, allowing for a better view of the city while being protected from the elements.

If you love music, then Budapest has the best opera experience in the world. You can visit the Opera House, or the Franz Liszt Academy of music to enjoy local classical talent and music. Organ concerts are common at the St. Stephen Basilica. Moreover, traditional, world-class and jazz concerts are usually held at the Palace of Arts. Special parties are common in Budapest, especially at night. Besides the many nightclubs, you can even enjoy boat or bath parties. You can also engage in room escape games around the city. There are other fun activities you can participate in such as tours, cooking classes, and ice rinks.

The beer bike is also a unique attribute of the city. You can ride the beer bike around the city as you enjoy a drink. You can also participate in other fun activities such as shooting, go-carting, boxing, caving, bungee jumping and riding the bobsleigh. The city has many activities that you can participate in no matter the season. Winter is especially popular as you will get an opportunity to enjoy sleighing, hot open air baths, and Christmas markets.

Indeed, the city has a right balance between daytime and nighttime activities. Most of the hostels have guides which ensure that you will enjoy your vacation in the city. Budapest is a unique location if you want to experience Hungarian beauty, culture, and history. The city is home to many attractions including museums, palaces, and parks. It is also well connected due to a diverse choice of travel options such as train, bus, or even by foot. Budapest is also accessible from many cities in Europe, and it will remain to be a popular tourist destination.