Hostels in Gdansk

World Hostel

rastel1Brygidki 14
Gdansk, Poland 80-856

Is Gdansk your next destination on your bucket list? I know you will be looking for a place to call home for the days …

Moon Hostel

rastel1 Długie Ogrody 6 A
Gdansk, Poland 80-765

Moon Hostel is situated in a tenement house. It is abeautiful place by all means. Its location is one thing you will …

Hostel Mamas&Papas

rastel1 Nowiny 19
Gdansk, Poland 80-020

When you travel, you do not want to pay an arm and leg for your accommodation. Nobody wants that. You should be looking …

Hostel Universus

rastel1Podgarbary 10
Gdansk, Poland 80-827

Hostel Universus is like a gem to those who want one of its kind accommodations in Gdansk without having to break your …

Hostel 22

rastel1Panieńska 22
Gdansk, Poland 80-843

Just because you are traveling does not mean you should give little or no care of where you sleep. After a successful …

Bi-Pi Hostel

rastel1Za Murami 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-823

Bi-Pi hostel is a place you can call home during your stay in Gdansk. Its proximity to the city center and some of the …

Hostel4u Hostel

rastel1Rzeźnicka 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-822

One of the things great about Hostel4u is its location. It is located in a trendy district, a quiet environment, and …

Hostel Cycle On

rastel1 Spichrzowa 15
Gdansk, Poland 80-750

Are you looking for a place to call home for the days you will be in Gdansk? I have the perfect place for you: Hostel …

La Guitarra Hostel Gdansk

rastel1Grodzka 12
Gdansk, Poland 80-841

La Guitarra Hostel Gdansk is located right in the citys prime area, and aims to be the perfect accommodation place for …

Elewator Gdansk Hostel

rastel1Spichrzowa 19
Gdansk, Poland 80-750

Choosing Elewator Gdansk Hostel will give you a chance to be close to Green Gate and Marina Gdansk. If you already do …

Trip & Hostel

rastel1Targ Drzewny 3/7
Gdansk, Poland 80-886

Of all the accommodation spots in Gdansk, Trip & Hostel stands out. Its location, courtesy of staff, and easy access …

Hostel 77 Gdansk

rastel1Cienista 16D
Gdansk, Poland 80-046

Hostel 77 Gdansk is an excellent option for travelers or guests looking for clean and cheap accommodation, and its …

Hostel Rakieta

rastel1Janusza Meissnera 1
Gdansk, Poland 80-001


Good hostels aren’t easy to come by, but in Rakieta hostel , you know you have clean and comfortable accommodation …

Hostel Kampus

rastel1Juliusza Słowackiego 19
Gdansk, Poland 80-257

Located within the heart of Gdansk, Hostel Kampus sits on a beautifully renovated 21st century building, and is close …

Hostel Octopus Gdansk

rastel1 Chłodna 6/8
Gdansk, Poland 80-744

Hostel Octopus Gdansk offers premium quality accommodation in the heart of Gdansk. The hostel’s concept is simple …

Hostel Zappio

rastel1Swietojanska 49
Gdansk, Poland 80-840

Hostel Zappio prides itself in providing clean, secure and comfortable accommodation to visitors from all walks of life. …

Hostel Filip

rastel1Wały Piastowskie 11/12
Gdansk, Poland 80-855

Hostel Filip is set in a newly renovated historical building which is quite efficient in how it uses the natural resources …

Hostel Filip 2

rastel1Aksamitna 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-001

Hostel Filip 2 is another accommodation spot at the heart of Gdansk. That means you will not need to walk far to find …

Happy 7 Hostel & Apartments

rastel1Grodzka 7
Gdansk, Poland 80-841

If you prefer to stay at the heart of Gdansk, there is only one way of making sure of that. Happy 7 Hostel & Apartment …

Quattro Loft Hostel

rastel1Partyzantów 8
Gdansk, Poland 80-254

Quattro Loft Hostel is authentic, family-run and full of personality . Whether it’s a family treat you are after, …

Grand Hostel

rastel1Świętojańska 43/44
Gdansk, Poland 80-001

The Grand Hostel in Gdansk is the perfect place to get luxury services for a frugal wallet. Located right in the heart …

Grand Guesthouse

rastel1Długa 4/3
Gdansk, Poland 80-836

The Grand Guesthouse hostel welcomes you to Gdansk with the warmth of Polish hospitality. Boasting a central location …

Honey Den Hostel

rastel1Ludwika Waryńskiego 21
Gdansk, Poland 80-433

Often touted as one of the best hostels in the whole of Poland , Honey Den Hostel welcomes you with outstretched arms …


rastel1Zawodzie 20
Gdansk, Poland 80-726

A decent budget hostel in Gdansk,Justhostel is situated in a quiet region with several amenities nearby. It has clean, …