Hostels in Krakow

Hostel Wiktoria

rastel1Ambrożego Grabowskiego 8
Kraków, Poland 31-126

Whenever you want to tug along your family for a vacation, accommodation could be a tricky piece of the puzzle.

83% Rating

Hostel Benedykta

rastel1Dunajewskiego 5
Kraków, Poland 31-358

Are you pressed for cash but you can’t wait to go for a holiday? It is something that happens to many of us.

Let’s Rock Hostel

rastel1Grodzka 34
Kraków, Poland 31-044

You probably know that anything associated with “rock” never settles down: it is relentless partying, dancing till morning and getting a shower ready for another party.

Bubble Hostel

rastel1Basztowa 15
Kraków, Poland 31-143

The Bubble is one of the best hostels in Krakow. It’s very clean, boasts comfortable bed and linen and has one of the best locations ever.

Hostel al Fresco

rastel1Pijarska 3
Kraków, Poland 30-015

Located in Lodz, some 100 meters from the KS Orzel Speedway Stadium, Hostel al Fresco is a nice hostel for people who want accommodation on the go.

Grand Central Hostel

rastel1Basztowa 23
Kraków, Poland 31-156

If there is anything that comes close to the phrase, “a home away from home”, a night or two spend at Grand Central Hostel would be top in that list.

Express Hostel

rastel1ul. Świętego Łazarza 13, Grzegórzki
Kraków, Poland 31-530

The Express Hostel, located in the city of Krakow, is a firm favorite for most backpackers. Thanks to its calm and tranquil setting, the hostel has been attracting people to come back year after year.

95% Rating

Hostel B Movie

rastel1Stradomska 27
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Movie hostel is one of the places you want to stay at when visiting Krakow. The hostel, which is less than a 10-minute walk from Old Synagogue…

SBY Hostel

rastel1Mogilska 24
Kraków, Poland 31-516

If Poland happens to be in your bucket list then you would need an affordable and yet above-the-normal-cut accommodation.

75% Rating

Green Hostel

rastel1Krakowska 1
Kraków, Poland 31-062

If trendy is the word that perfectly describes the kind of accommodation you prefer, Green Hostel in Krakow would make that cut.

One World Hostel

rastel1Westerplatte 8.
Kraków, Poland 30-033

How does opening a page into Polish history sound to you? Pretty fascinating, right? Then I have a perfect place for you where you can dine and wine

Hostel Krakowiak

rastel1Armii Krajowej 9
Kraków, Poland 30-150

Whenever you have a stringent travel budget, your only hope would be that you get affordable but relatively comfortable accommodation.

87% Rating

Dom Studencki Atol

rastel1Grochowa 17
Kraków, Poland 33-332

Are you looking for a quiet place to spend quality time during your stay in a rather wild Krakow? Without doubt, Dom Studencki Atol should be in your radar of choices.

79% Rating

Brama Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 55
Kraków, Poland 31-019

Brama hostel could never been at a better location. It lies within Florianska Street, where you can access all the famous Krakow attractions by merely walking around.

Flamingo Premium Hostel

rastel1Szewska 4
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Flamingo Premium Hostel, located at the heart of the city of Krakow, prides itself as the go-to hostel for all your accommodation needs.

Hostel Faust

rastel1Szewska 21
Kraków, Poland 31-009

Hostel Faust is open to all and sundry. The super rich and those struggling to make ends meet can spend quality time here.

Intro Hostel

rastel1Bracka 4
Kraków, Poland 31-005

Intro Hostel, just like the name suggests, is the best way to introduce yourself into Krakow. It lies 1350m from the Church on the Rock.

T&T Hostel

rastel1Garbarska 4
Kraków, Poland 31-131

Located in the heart of Krakow, T&T Hostel and Apartments provides top class accommodation to guests and visitors coming to Krakow.

77% Rating

Roller Hostel

rastel1plac Jana Matejki 6
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Located just 4 minutes walk from the Market Square Roller Hostel offers modern rooms, fully equipped kitchen, and other services that make your stay in their hostel as comfortable as possible.

Hostel Tara

rastel1Krakowska 7
Kraków, Poland 31-072

How about accommodation in a place where you can clearly see the beach? No one would really resist that. If you find yourself in Krakow, Hostel Tara is your first stop for accommodation.

Flower Rooms

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 5
Kraków, Poland 31-014

When you come to Krakow, you hope to get a comfortable place to put up and wake up energized to take a tour of this attractive town of Poland.

70′s Hostel

rastel1Dietla 49
Kraków, Poland 33-332

Are you looking for a perfect place to get the cream of what Krakow has to offer? Sure you do and that is why you should make your reservation at 70s Hostel.

78% Rating

999 Aparthostel

rastel1Twardowskiego 41
Kraków, Poland 30-312

From experience of traveling and seeking accommodation in all manner of facilities , there is something you will notice with hostels named after numbers.

89% Rating

Hostel Retro

rastel1Barska 59
Kraków, Poland 30-307

Located in Debniki district just next to the Old Synagogue, Church of the Virgin Mary and Kosciusko’s Mound, Hostel Retro offers the best

Secret Garden Hostel

rastel1Skawińska 7
Kraków, Poland 31-066

At first thought and for the proper meaning of English language, you would expect the Secret Garden Hostel to be hard to find.

Hostel on The River Marta

rastel1Bulwar Wołyński, Debniki
Kraków, Poland 30-302

The Hostel on River Marta is located just two minutes off the beach, and offers stunning views that revelers would appreciate.

DS Za Kolumnami

rastel1Armii Krajowej 9
Kraków, Poland 30-150

Are you in Krakow for some serious business? If you do, you will be looking for accommodation in a quiet place that will give you time to sleep and refresh before getting ready for business.

85% Rating

Dom Studencki Zaulek

rastel1Piekarska 5
Kraków, Poland 33-332

The district of Kazimierz is undoubtedly the trendiest in Krakow. Therefore, any building located in this district is equally classy and high-end.

81% Rating

DS Akademia Muzyczna

Kraków, Poland 30-001

One thing that should inform your next holiday destination should be the affordability and availability of accommodation.

84% Rating

Extra Pokoje do Wynajęcia

rastel1ul.Białe Wzgórze 11
Kraków, Poland 30-203

Extra Pokoje do Wynajęcia boasts of a perfect location for anyone looking to access the best Krakow has to offer.

89% Rating

Mundo Hostel

rastel1Józefa Sarego 10
Kraków, Poland 31-047

Located right at the heart of Krakow, Mundo Hostel offers stylish rooms with shared or private bathroom facilities.

Greg&Tom Beer House Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 45
Kraków, Poland 31-019

In Krakow, a phrase has stuck not only with the locals but also with visitors. It goes like, “If you ever want to have endless fun in Krakow, find your way into Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel”.

Good Bye Lenin Hostel

rastel1Joselewicza 23
Kraków, Poland 31-000

Located just outside Krakow Good Bye Lenin Hostel is a cozy hostel century-old cabin that offers fantastic accommodation to visitors looking to spend a few nights in Krakow.

Hostel Cinnamon

rastel1Teofila Lenartowicza 7
Kraków, Poland 3-332

Set in the precincts of the Old Town in Krakow, the Hostel Cinnamon provides a self-catering accommodation complete with free Wi-Fi.

Hostel Centrum Sabot

rastel1Rynek Kleparski 17
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Established in June 2016, Hostel Centrum Sabot has sole mission of creating a friendly, clean and cozy place for people of all budgets.

Pink Panther’s Hostel

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 8
Kraków, Poland 31-014

Imagine partying really hard within the confines of your hostel, easily finding your room when you cannot take anymore and wake up to another party?

Premium Hostel

rastel1Pomorska 2
Kraków, Poland 30-001

If you are like many travelers, the last thing you want is surprise of a hefty bill to settle your accommodation.

Luneta Warszawska Hostel

rastel1Kamienna 16
Kraków, Poland 31-403

Who doesn’t like a classy and comfortable place to sleep every time you travel away from home?

High Life Hostel

rastel1Starowiślna 16
Kraków, Poland 31-032

When you get to Krakow, your top priority is to get accommodation not far away from attractions and nightlife action.

Appena Hostel & Apartments

rastel1Westerplatte 3/1
Kraków, Poland 31-033

If you are looking for a strategic place to spend your time in Krakow, Appena Hostel & Apartments should be the first place to look for accommodation.

Good Bye Lenin Revolution

rastel1Dolnych Młynów 9
Kraków, Poland 31-124

Attracting thousands of tourists to this side of Poland, if you have never been here you definitely need to start packing your bags.

Hostel Folklor

rastel1Librowszczyzna 1
Kraków, Poland 31-030

Hostel Folklor provides a home-like atmosphere and the warmth required to get full relaxation, and it also acts as the perfect place to kick-start your adventure and have some fun.

Dizzy Daisy Hostel

rastel1Pędzichów 9
Kraków, Poland 30-001

There is the quiet and calm environment for someone looking to wind down from the never stopping rush of city life.

Hostel Smocza Jama

rastel1Wielopole 11
Kraków, Poland 30-001

The Smocza Jama Hostel, located right at the heart of Krakow, is just 5-minutes walk from Main Market Square, and only a 10-minute walk from the Kazimierz Jewish District.

86% Rating

Dream Hostel & Apartments

rastel1Dietla 57
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Just because you are traveling on budget, it does not mean you cannot get the best of accommodation facilities in Krakow.

87% Rating

Red Carpet Hostel

rastel1Juliusza Słowackiego 29
Kraków, Poland 31-159

Located right at the heart of Krakow, the Red Carpet Hostel is famous for offering clean and ambient accommodation for visitors intending to stay for a short period in Krakow.

76% Rating

Old Walls Hostel

rastel1Ambrożego Grabowskiego 9
Kraków, Poland 30-001

If after having fun al day at top attractions and sites in Krakow you would love a quiet calm place to spend your night, I have the perfect place for you.

Dragon Aparthostel Senatorska

rastel1Senatorska 2
Kraków, Poland 30-106

Dragon Aparthostel Senatorska is located just 1 km from the National Museum , Wawel and Jagiellonian University.

Atlantis Hostel

rastel1Dietla 58
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Clean, colorful and well-maintained , Atlantis Hostel in Krakow prides itself in offering great rooms and ambient accommodation at one of the best rates in town.

Hostel Rynek 7

rastel1Rynek Główny 7
Kraków, Poland 31-042

If you are like me,and most other people, you like lively choices of accommodation when you travel.

Hostel Submarine

rastel1Basztowa 15/55 2nd floor 15
Kraków, Poland 31-143

I know your first reaction to this name would be , “What the hell would I need to get into a submarine for accommodation?”

Hostel Deco

rastel1Mazowiecka 3A
Kraków, Poland 30-036

Traveling on budget does not mean you should go for the lowly rated accommodations in Krakow.

Hostel Lemon Tree

rastel1Stefana Batorego 19
Kraków, Poland 31-135

Lemon Tree Hostel has created a name for itself in Krakow’s accommodation circles.

93% Rating

NH Hostel

rastel1os. Złotej Jesieni 7
Kraków, Poland 31-827

For most people, a vacation should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

82% Rating

Moon Hostel New

rastel1Halicka 11
Kraków, Poland 31-035

There is a thinking that Krakow may have the best places to see and things to do but still lags behind in terms of accommodation.

Amber Hostel

rastel1Krowoderska 5
Kraków, Poland 31-000

At central Krakow,Amber Hostel is the best place you can put up for the few days you are going to be staying.

Freedom Hostel

rastel1Pomorska 2
Kraków, Poland 30-039

Located right at the heart of Krakow, only a few minutes’ walk from the Main Market Square, this recently opened hostel has a welcoming atmosphere written all over it.

Hostel u Kmity

rastel1Floriańska 13
Kraków, Poland 31-019

At the city center of Krakow it can get really noisy with street parties and music from clubs giving you no peace to sleep.

Ginger Hostel

rastel1Zygmunta Krasińskiego 10
Kraków, Poland 33-332

For anyone looking to learn the past and present of Poland in once city then Krakow is the place for you.

Little Havana Party Hostel

rastel1Jagiellońska 10
Kraków, Poland 31-008

For the complete experience of a good holiday, some partying should be part of the package.

Momotown Hostel

rastel1Miodowa 28
Kraków, Poland 31-055

There are many hostels in Krakow but still, the Momotown Hostel stands distinctively out.

Hostel Lwowska26

rastel1Lwowska 26,
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Travelers who want to maximize on fun know the best chance they have at this is looking for a place offering basic accommodation.

TBN House Hostel

rastel1Osiedle Zlotej Jesieni 15b, 31-831
Kraków, Poland 31-828

Krakow is hyped for having some of the best things to do in Poland. Well, that is true and if you have never been to Krakow then there is a lot you are missing.

Art Hostel

rastel1Wrzesińska 11
Kraków, Poland 33-332

Located in Krakow, Art Hostel prides itself as the leader when it comes to offering modern accommodation.

72% Rating

Heynow Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 5
Kraków, Poland 31-019

For those who love a quiet place to sleep while on their vacation, Heynow Hostel is such a place if you are visiting Krakow.

Cat Hostel Krakow

rastel1Krowoderska 4
Kraków, Poland 31-018

Cat Hostel is a new, stylish and comfortable hostel that’s located right at the heart of Krakow. The hostel is located just some 10 minutes walk from the train and bus station.

88% Rating

Enigma Hostel

rastel1Rakowicka 12
Kraków, Poland 31-510

Enigma Hostel & Apartments is a haven for those looking for restful, clean and a friendly place to stay in while visiting Krakow.

Good Bye Lenin Doubles Exclusive

rastel1Dolnych Młynów 9
Kraków, Poland 31-124

There is one grand way to welcome you to Krakow and that is spending some time at the Good Bye Lenin Double Exclusive.

Lawendowy Hostel

rastel1Pilotów 91
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Your holiday in Krakow is not complete if you do not.Get the best accommodation this city has to offer.

86% Rating

Tutti Frutti Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 29
Kraków, Poland 31-019

If there is one place you should be looking for accommodation in Krakow, the old town should be on top of that list.

Mosquito Hostel

rastel1rynek Kleparski 4
Kraków, Poland 31-150

Situated just minutes from Krakow central train station, the Mosquito Hostel is an ambient place where guests are welcomed with open arms.

Tramp ApartHostel

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 30
Kraków, Poland 31-027

Tramp ApartHostel or should it be Trump? Well , forget the pun in the name of Tramp ApartHostel because you are getting far much better than you will be parting with from your pocket.

Royal Castle Center

rastel1Straszewskiego 5/6, Old Town
Kraków, Poland 31-101

The Royal Castle Center is one of the top accommodation spots in Krakow that offers temporary stay to visitors who don’t wish to stay for long.

72% Rating

Krakow INN Hostel

rastel1Ariańska 5
Kraków, Poland 31-505

Looking for a place where you will be welcomed like your own home when you get to Krakow? Do not search anymore.

72% Rating

Bison Hostel

rastel1Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 5
Kraków, Poland 31-025

Staying in this 17th Century building that boasts an over-the-city view is just amazing.

92% Rating

Olimp Hostel

rastel1Józefa Rostafińskiego 9
Kraków, Poland 30-072

Set in Bronowice in Krakow, the Olimp Hostel is just a short walk from the Pedagogical University of Krakow. It’s just 10-minute drive from Krakow city center.

80% Rating

Hollywood Hostel

rastel1Zwierzyniecka 15
Kraków, Poland 31-103

I know where your thoughts are taking you at the mention of Hollywood Hostel.

Dom Franciszkanski San Antonio

rastel1Krowoderska 7
Kraków, Poland 31-141

Who doesn’t love the little pleasures of life when going for a vacation?

83% Rating

Hostel Taurus

rastel1Łobzowska 43
Kraków, Poland 31-139

One thing that should make your Krakow holiday a memorable time is if you get the best and the cheapest accommodation.

82% Rating

Hostel Yellow

rastel1Dunajewskiego 6
Kraków, Poland 31-133

For anyone looking to maximize on their fun Krakow has to offer, you are better of being choosy with where you end up getting accommodation.

Hostel Strumyk

rastel1Józefa Rostafińskiego 8
Kraków, Poland 30-072

How does gothic architecture sound to you? To me it is something I would give anything to see.

87% Rating

Hostel Aleje 28

rastel1Tatarska 5
Kraków, Poland 30-103

Krakow is the one-stop package for a tourist who would want to have it all in one holiday destination.

City Hostel

rastel1Świętego Krzyża 21
Kraków, Poland 31-023

For your holiday, you should not be so hard on yourself. Remember you saved for the holiday to have some wonderful time.

Blueberry Hostel

rastel1Wrzesińska 5/5
Kraków, Poland 31-031

Blueberry is a great fruit and anything associated with it comes with great sweet experience.

Pillows Party Hostel

rastel1Karmelicka 3
Kraków, Poland 31-133

It is that time of the year when roads lead to Krakow. This Polish city is a top tourist destination and if you are yet to spend a holiday here, you are missing it big time.

Hostel Victoria

rastel1Górników 11
Kraków, Poland 30-001

Hostel Victoria is a sweet name for an accommodation spot in Krakow and for a moment you would think you are in London.

85% Rating

Hostel Kaktus Krakow

rastel1Targowa 2
Kraków, Poland 30-529

If there is one place that got it all in one package, Krakow would be top in that list.

81% Rating

Hostel Biały Dom

rastel1Przewóz 3
Kraków, Poland 30-715

Podgorze District is one of a kind if you find yourself in Krakow. If you are looking for a trendy and top-of-the range place to stay during your holiday in Krakow

86% Rating

ApartHostel Fryderyk

rastel1Chopina 13
Kraków, Poland 30-047

You should never deny yourself all the pleasure you can afford while you travel.

80% Rating

Crawl Party Hostel

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 20
Kraków, Poland 33-332

There is only one way to have a great stay at Krakow; and that is booking your accommodation at Crawl Party Hostel.

Euro Hostel Krakow

rastel1Westerplatte 13
Kraków, Poland 31-033

The Euro Hostel is located right in the middle of Krakow City, and as such, is conveniently located to most of the city’s top amenities

Chilli Hostel

rastel1Kalwaryjska 58
Kraków, Poland 30-504

Visiting Krakow for a short period of time but not sure where to stay? Worry not because at Chilli Hostel, you will get an unforgettable experience.

Red Sails Hostel

rastel1Retoryka 1, 4th Floor, Old Town
Kraków, Poland 31-108

If you are looking forward to digging into the history of Krakow, the best place you can do it is by finding accommodation in Krakow’s Old Town.

73% Rating

Cracow Hostel

rastel1Rynek Główny 18
Kraków, Poland 30-008

The Cracow Hostel gives visitors the real advantage of staying in a 17th century building with amazing view over the center of the city.

Shishkin Art Hostel

rastel1Dietla 64
Kraków, Poland 33-332

How does non-smoking rooms sound to you? And not just that, the rates here are ridiculously affordable that your pocket will not feel it.

Hostel Kubik

rastel1Wygoda 9/1, Old Town
Kraków, Poland 31-106

Located just minutes from Krakow’s Central Business District, Hostel Kubik strives to offer the best accommodation possible to visitors coming to this important Polish city.

93% Rating

Hostel Maraton

rastel110 Juliana Tokarskiego, Krowodrza
Kraków, Poland 30-065

I know the main reason why you came all the way to Krakow is to see and do what makes this Polish city great.

71% Rating

Ametyst Hostel

rastel1ul. Karmelitcka 10
Kraków, Poland 31-128

Ametyst Hostel prides itself as the go-to hostel for guests visiting Krakow for a short period of time.

18/12 Hostel Krakow

rastel1Juliusza Lea 18/12
Kraków, Poland 30-048

For those who would love some sense of style where. They stay during a holiday then 18/12 Hostel Krakow is something you can work with.

85% Rating