Inform yourself

Before you trade in your daily routines for living life with nothing but the road ahead and your backpack on your back, one of the most important preparations to make is simply: informing yourself. Walk into a library, find information on the countries you’re planning to visit, talk to others about their travel experiences, surf the web… there are plenty of possibilities and there’s loads of information out there. Doing enough pre-travel research is undoubtedly one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the trip that lies ahead.

And you’ve already made a great beginning on informing yourself, because you’re reading this right now. So by all means, do keep on reading in this backpacking information section. Afterwards you’ll be about as ready for travel as humanly possible. Besides this informative guide, check out some of the other sections on this website too: the sent in travel destination guides, the sent in backpackers travel stories, other travellers’ online travel journals, and read the posts in the backpacking forum. All content on this website serves the main purpose of informing independent travellers like yourself.

Apart from this website, the rest of the internet has some great backpacking resources too. On most pages of this Backpacking Information guide, you’ll find subject-related resources. There are some very helpful sites out there, and the best and most useful websites are listed in the appropriate categories.

Reading actual books can prove to be quite useful too. Numerous travellers have written great stuff about trotting our planet: travelling in general, travelling within a particular country, country information, travelogues, and so on, and so on. So step into a library or a decent book store and see what’s available. Some recommended travel writers are Jack Kerouac, Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux. Of course there are also guidebooks which can provide you with a lot of introductory information on destinations.

To recap: the very first step on going travelling around the globe is without a doubt to gather information. So read, read, read, until you can’t read more.

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