Shark Alley

It used to be known as Shark Alley now it’s just The Alley (Currumbin, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) not too many sharks around these days; it’s a sanctuary in a concrete jungle.

Dolphins regularly stop by as they teach their young to feed by chasing fish up against the rocks. Whales can be spotted breaching out the back having a great time just being whales and loving their pod/community.

Sea Eagles/Ospreys have a couple of nests in the area their using the warning light tower on the end of the groyne to bring up another family. The chicks are suckled and taught to fish and fend for themselves but they tend to stay in the area and make there own nest.

Some days the mullet just lie around on the surface sunning themselves you could swear they were asleep until you get to close and then there off in a flip of their tail.

And while all this is going on human visitors are splashing around learning to surf in this magical place mostly oblivious to the original occupants.