Backpacking Information

Backpacking Information

This backpacking guide contains all the backpackers essentials you’ll need to know about before leaving home. Written from experience and loaded with info, advice, tips and resources, this is THE place where your journey begins.

Backpackers Essentials Guide

Here’s the complete overview of all topics currently covered in this guide. Choose the subject you’d like to learn more about:


This is the World Backpackers travel essentials guide, written from experience and placed online to help backpackers prepare optimally for their journey. All topics contain travel information, backpacking advice, budget tips and useful resources. In short: everything for those who are planning to backpack the world.

After reading all articles in the Backpacking Information section, you’ll know exactly what backpacking really is, what to pack for your travels and what to leave at home. You’ll have learned how to go about insuring yourself and calculating your travel budget, how to hitch-hike, where to find cheap airline tickets, how to whip up simple backpacking meals, whether guidebooks are really that helpful, how to do your laundry on the road, how to find and book the best hostels, and lots more. Having taken in all the information that’s available here, you’ll be an expert on independent travel. So you’re advised to start reading quickly!