Hostels in Gdansk

World Hostel

rastel1Brygidki 14
Gdansk, Poland 80-856

Is Gdansk your next destination on your bucket list? I know you will be looking for a place to call home for the days ……

Moon Hostel

rastel1Długie Ogrody 6 A
Gdansk, Poland 80-765

Moon Hostel is situated in a tenement house. It is abeautiful place by all means. Its location is one thing you will ……

Hostel Mamas&Papas

rastel1Nowiny 19
Gdansk, Poland 80-020

When you travel, you do not want to pay an arm and leg for your accommodation. Nobody wants that. You should be looking ……

Hostel Universus

rastel1Podgarbary 10
Gdansk, Poland 80-827

Hostel Universus is like a gem to those who want one of its kind accommodations in Gdansk without having to break your ……

Hostel 22

rastel1Panieńska 22
Gdansk, Poland 80-843

Just because you are traveling does not mean you should give little or no care of where you sleep. After a successful ……

Bi-Pi Hostel

rastel1Za Murami 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-823

Bi-Pi hostel is a place you can call home during your stay in Gdansk. Its proximity to the city center and some of the ……

Hostel4u Hostel

rastel1Rzeźnicka 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-822

One of the things great about Hostel4u is its location. It is located in a trendy district, a quiet environment, and ……

Hostel Cycle On

rastel1Spichrzowa 15
Gdansk, Poland 80-750

Are you looking for a place to call home for the days you will be in Gdansk? I have the perfect place for you: Hostel ……

La Guitarra Hostel Gdansk

rastel1Grodzka 12
Gdansk, Poland 80-841

La Guitarra Hostel Gdansk is located right in the citys prime area, and aims to be the perfect accommodation place for ……

Elewator Gdansk Hostel

rastel1Spichrzowa 19
Gdansk, Poland 80-750

Choosing Elewator Gdansk Hostel will give you a chance to be close to Green Gate and Marina Gdansk. If you already do ……

Trip & Hostel

rastel1Targ Drzewny 3/7
Gdansk, Poland 80-886

Of all the accommodation spots in Gdansk, Trip & Hostel stands out. Its location, courtesy of staff, and easy access ……

Hostel 77 Gdansk

rastel1Cienista 16D
Gdansk, Poland 80-046

Hostel 77 Gdansk is an excellent option for travelers or guests looking for clean and cheap accommodation, and its just ……

Hostel Kampus

rastel1Juliusza Słowackiego 19
Gdansk, Poland 80-257

Located within the heart of Gdansk, Hostel Kampus sits on a beautifully renovated 21st century building, and is close ……

Hostel Octopus Gdansk

rastel1Chłodna 6/8
Gdansk, Poland 80-744

Hostel Octopus Gdansk offers premium quality accommodation in the heart of Gdansk. The hostel’s concept is simple ……

Hostel Zappio

rastel1Świętojańska 49
Gdansk, Poland 80-751

Hostel Zappio prides itself in providing clean, secure and comfortable accommodation to visitors from all walks of life. ……

Hostel Filip

rastel1Wały Piastowskie 11/12
Gdansk, Poland 80-855

Hostel Filip is set in a newly renovated historical building which is quite efficient in how it uses the natural resources ……

Hostel Filip 2

rastel1Aksamitna 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-001

Hostel Filip 2 is another accommodation spot at the heart of Gdansk. That means you will not need to walk far to find ……

Happy 7 Hostel & Apartments

rastel1Grodzka 7
Gdansk, Poland 80-841

If you prefer to stay at the heart of Gdansk, there is only one way of making sure of that. Happy 7 Hostel & Apartment ……

Quattro Loft Hostel

rastel1Partyzantów 8
Gdansk, Poland 80-254

Quattro Loft Hostel is authentic, family-run and full of personality . Whether it’s a family treat you are ……

Grand Hostel

rastel1Świętojańska 43/44
Gdansk, Poland 80-001

The Grand Hostel in Gdansk is the perfect place to get luxury services for a frugal wallet. Located right in the heart ……

Grand Guesthouse

rastel1Długa 4/3
Gdansk, Poland 80-836

The Grand Guesthouse hostel welcomes you to Gdansk with the warmth of Polish hospitality. Boasting a central location ……

Honey Den Hostel

rastel1Ludwika Waryńskiego 21
Gdansk, Poland 80-433

Often touted as one of the best hostels in the whole of Poland , Honey Den Hostel welcomes you with outstretched arms ……


rastel1Zawodzie 20
Gdansk, Poland 80-726

A decent budget hostel in Gdansk,Justhostel is situated in a quiet region with several amenities nearby. It has clean, ……

Five Point Hostel

rastel1Podmurze 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-835

Guests love staying at this tranquil hostel due to its friendly staff, complimentary breakfast, central location and a nice ……

Old Town Hostel

rastel1Długa Grobla 7
Gdansk, Poland 80-754

Old Town Hostel, Gdansk offers perfect accommodation to anybody on a budget but who still wants quality rooms and high standards ……

Slowgate Hostel

rastel1Lakowa 9/4
Gdansk, Poland 80-743

Slowgate Hostel is like a rare gem for those whocome visiting Gdansk. Its location is what keeps visitors coming to this ……

4-friends Hostel

rastel1Dlugie Pobrzeze 16
Gdansk, Poland 80-888

4-friendshostel is at the core of Gdansk. If you choose this strategic spot for your accommodation, you will have an easy ……

Hostel Kartuska

rastel1Kartuska 191A
Gdansk, Poland 80-122

Hostel Kartuska is among the few in Gdansk to boast of a strategic location for those who want a vantage spot for adventure. ……

DS Cztery Pory Roku

rastel1plac Walowy 15B
Gdansk, Poland 80-821

If there is one place you should look for accommodation when you are in Gdansk, then DS Cztery Pory Roku is top in that ……

UWH Hostel

rastel1Matejki 13
Gdansk, Poland 80-250

The UWH Hostel, located right at the center of Gdansk, boasts stunning views and a cool rooftop terrace. It has free Wi-Fi, ……

Hipokrates Hostel

rastel1Debinki 7A
Gdansk, Poland 80-211

Well, the name Hipokrates Hostel does not sound likea great place to make your stay while you are in Gdansk. Truths is, ……

Villa Adam

rastel1Adama Asnyka 2
Gdansk, Poland 80-001

Villa Adam is located right at the center of Gdansk, and is known for excellent services that keep customers coming back. ……

Muffin Hostel

rastel1Krzywoustego 8
Gdansk, Poland 80-360

The Muffin Hostel is a new, swanky hostel that’s remarkably huge. While it won’t give you a lot of community vibe, it ……

Midtown Hostel Gdansk

rastel1Podwale Staromiejskie 105/106/1
Gdansk, Poland 80-845

There are not many places in Gdansk that offer asgood accommodation as Midtown Hostel Gdansk. As the name suggests, the ……

Hostel Wolna Chata

rastel1Stanislawa Moniuszki 34
Gdansk, Poland 80-274

Hostel Wolna Chata is perfectly located in the central areas of Gdansk. It’s a small and friendly little traveler’s ……

Hostel Gdansk Sun and Sea

rastel1Konstantego Ildefonsa Galczynskiego 4
Gdansk, Poland 80-365

If you are looking for a prime accommodation spotand yet pay very competitive prices, Hostel Gdansk Sun and Sea is the ……

Villa Zakoniczynka

rastel1Zakoniczynska 11
Gdansk, Poland 80-180

Villa Zakoniczynka has a wonderful location that means it’s easy to find even for complete strangers. Located within a ……

Pokoje Morena

rastel1Zwiazku Jaszczurczego 80
Gdansk, Poland 80-288

Located only a couple of minutes away from the Main Market Square, the Pokoje Morena Gdansk is well-equipped and quiet. ……