Hostels in Krakow

Hostel Wiktoria

rastel1Ambrożego Grabowskiego 8
Krakow, Poland 31-126

Whenever you want to tug along your family for a vacation, accommodation could be a tricky piece of the puzzle. We are …

Hostel Benedykta

rastel1Dunajewskiego 5
Krakow, Poland 31-358

Are you pressed for cash but you can’t wait to go for a holiday? It is something that happens to many of us. However, …

Let's Rock Hostel

rastel1Grodzka 34
Krakow, Poland 31-044

You probably know that anything associated with “rock” never settles down: it is relentless partying, dancing till …

Bubble Hostel

rastel1Basztowa 15
Krakow, Poland 31-143

Located in Krakow, the Bubble Hostel is just steps Czartoryski Museum, Florian’s Gate and Krakow Barbican. It is also …

Hostel al Fresco

rastel1Pijarska 3
Krakow, Poland 30-015

Located in Lodz, some 100 meters from the KS Orzel Speedway Stadium, Hostel al Fresco is a nice hostel for people who …

Grand Central Hostel

rastel1Basztowa 23
Krakow, Poland 31-156

If there is anything that comes close to the phrase, “a home away from home”, a night or two spend at Grand Central …

Express Hostel

rastel1ul. Świętego Łazarza 13, Grzegórzki
Krakow, Poland 31-530

The Express Hostel, located in the city of Krakow, is a firm favorite for most backpackers. Thanks to its calm and tranquil …

Hostel B Movie

rastel1Stradomska 27
Krakow, Poland 30-001

B Movie hostel is one of the places you want to stay at when visiting Krakow. The hostel, which is less than a 10-minute …

Sby Hostel

rastel1Mogilska 24
Krakow, Poland 31-516

If Poland happens to be in your bucket list then you would need an affordable and yet above-the-normal-cut accommodation. …

Green Hostel

rastel1Krakowska 1
Krakow, Poland 31-062

If trendy is the word that perfectly describes the kind of accommodation you prefer, Green Hostel in Krakow would make …

One World Hostel

rastel1Westerplatte 8.
Krakow, Poland 30-033

How does opening a page into Polish history sound to you? Pretty fascinating, right? Then I have a perfect place for you …

Hostel Krakowiak

rastel1Armii Krajowej 9
Krakow, Poland 30-150

Whenever you have a stringent travel budget, your only hope would be that you get affordable but relatively comfortable …

Dom Studencki Atol

rastel1Grochowa 17
Krakow, Poland 33-332

Are you looking for a quiet place to spend quality time during your stay in a rather wild Krakow? Without doubt, Dom Studencki …

Brama Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 55
Krakow, Poland 31-019

Brama hostel could never been at a better location. It lies within Florianska Street, where you can access all the famous …

Flamingo Premium Hostel

rastel1Szewska 4
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Flamingo Premium Hostel, located at the heart of the city of Krakow, prides itself as the go-to hostel for all your accommodation …

Hostel Faust

rastel1Szewska 21
Krakow, Poland 31-009

Hostel Faust is open to all and sundry. The super rich and those struggling to make ends meet can spend quality time here. …

Intro Hostel

rastel1Bracka 4
Krakow, Poland 31-005

Intro Hostel, just like the name suggests, is the best way to introduce yourself into Krakow. It lies 1350m from the Church …

T&T Hostel

rastel1Garbarska 4
Krakow, Poland 31-131

Located in the heart of Krakow, T&T Hostel and Apartments provides top class accommodation to guests and visitors coming …

Roller Hostel

rastel1plac Jana Matejki 6
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Located just 4 minutes walk from the Market Square Roller Hostel offers modern rooms, fully equipped kitchen, and other …

Hostel Tara

rastel1Krakowska 7
Krakow, Poland 31-072

How about accommodation in a place where you can clearly see the beach? No one would really resist that. If you find yourself …

Flower Rooms

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 5
Krakow, Poland 31-014

When you come to Krakow, you hope to get a comfortable place to put up and wake up energized to take a tour of this …

70s Hostel

rastel1Dietla 49
Krakow, Poland 33-332

Are you looking for a perfect place to get the cream of what Krakow has to offer? Sure you do and that is why you should …

999 Aparthostel

rastel1Twardowskiego 41
Krakow, Poland 30-312

From experience of traveling and seeking accommodation in all manner of facilities , there is something you will notice …

Hostel Retro

rastel1Barska 59
Krakow, Poland 30-307

Located in Debniki district just next to the Old Synagogue, Church of the Virgin Mary and Kosciusko’s Mound, Hostel …

Secret Garden Hostel

rastel1Skawińska 7
Krakow, Poland 31-066

At first thought and for the proper meaning of English language, you would expect the Secret Garden Hostel to be hard …

Hostel on The River Marta

rastel1Bulwar Wołyński, Debniki, 30-302
Krakow, Poland 30-302

The Hostel on River Marta is located just two minutes off the beach, and offers stunning views that revelers would appreciate. …

DS Za Kolumnami

rastel1Armii Krajowej 9
Krakow, Poland 30-150

Are you in Krakow for some serious business? If you do, you will be looking for accommodation in a quiet place that …

Dom Studencki Zaulek

rastel1Piekarska 5
Krakow, Poland 33-332

The district of Kazimierz is undoubtedly the trendiest in Krakow. Therefore, any building located in this district …

DS Akademia Muzyczna

Krakow, Poland 30-001

One thing that should inform your next holiday destination should be the affordability and availability of accommodation. …

Extra Pokoje do Wynajecia

rastel1ul.Białe Wzgórze 11
Krakow, Poland 30-203

Extra Pokoje do Wynajęcia boasts of a perfect location for anyone looking to access the best Krakow has to offer. Situated …

Mundo Hostel

rastel1Józefa Sarego 10
Krakow, Poland 31-047

Located right at the heart of Krakow, Mundo Hostel offers stylish rooms with shared or private bathroom facilities. It …

Greg&Tom Beer House Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 45
Krakow, Poland 31-019

In Krakow, a phrase has stuck not only with the locals but also with visitors. It goes like, “If you ever want to have …

Good Bye Lenin Hostel

rastel1Joselewicza 23
Krakow, Poland 31-000

Located just outside Krakow Good Bye Lenin Hostel is a cozy hostel century-old cabin that offers fantastic accommodation …

Hostel Cinnamon

rastel1Teofila Lenartowicza 7
Krakow, Poland 3-332

Set in the precincts of the Old Town in Krakow, the Hostel Cinnamon provides a self-catering accommodation complete …

Hostel Centrum Sabot

rastel1Rynek Kleparski 17
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Established in June 2016, Hostel Centrum Sabot has sole mission of creating a friendly, clean and cozy place for people …

Pink Panther's Hostel

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 8
Krakow, Poland 31-014

Imagine partying really hard within the confines of your hostel, easily finding your room when you cannot take anymore …

Premium Hostel

rastel1Pomorska 2
Krakow, Poland 30-001

If you are like many travelers, the last thing you want is surprise of a hefty bill to settle your accommodation. There …

Luneta Warszawska Hostel

rastel1Kamienna 16
Krakow, Poland 31-403

Who doesn’t like a classy and comfortable place to sleep every time you travel away from home? We all love the pleasure …

High Life Hostel

rastel1Starowiślna 16
Krakow, Poland 31-032

When you get to Krakow, your top priority is to get accommodation not far away from attractions and nightlife action. …

Appena Hostel & Apartments

rastel1Westerplatte 3/1
Krakow, Poland 31-033

If you are looking for a strategic place to spend your time in Krakow, Appena Hostel & Apartments should be the …

Good Bye Lenin Revolution Hostel

rastel1Dolnych Młynów 9
Krakow, Poland 31-124

Krakow is touted to be one of the most attractive cities in Poland. Attracting thousands of tourists to this side of …

Hostel Folklor

rastel1Librowszczyzna 1
Krakow, Poland 31-030

Hostel Folklor provides a home-like atmosphere and the warmth required to get full relaxation, and it also acts as the …

Dizzy Daisy Hostel

rastel1Pędzichów 9
Krakow, Poland 30-001

When you are in Krakow, you would want to taste both sides of this Polish town. There is the quiet and calm environment …

Hostel Smocza Jama

rastel1Wielopole 11
Krakow, Poland 30-001

The Smocza Jama Hostel, located right at the heart of Krakow, is just 5-minutes walk from Main Market Square, and only …

Dream Hostel & Apartments

rastel1Dietla 57
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Just because you are traveling on budget, it does not mean you cannot get the best of accommodation facilities in Krakow. …

Red Carpet Hostel

rastel1 Juliusza Słowackiego 29
Krakow, Poland 31-159

Located right at the heart of Krakow, the Red Carpet Hostel is famous for offering clean and ambient accommodation for …

Old Walls Hostel

rastel1Ambrożego Grabowskiego 9
Krakow, Poland 30-001

If after having fun al day at top attractions and sites in Krakow you would love a quiet calm place to spend your night, …

Dragon Aparthostel Senatorska

rastel1Senatorska 2
Krakow, Poland 30-106

Dragon Aparthostel Senatorska is located just 1 km from the National Museum , Wawel and Jagiellonian University. Thanks …

Atlantis Hostel

rastel1Dietla 58
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Clean, colorful and well-maintained , Atlantis Hostel in Krakow prides itself in offering great rooms and ambient accommodation …

Hostel Rynek 7

rastel1Rynek Główny 7
Krakow, Poland 31-042

If you are like me,and most other people, you like lively choices of accommodation when you travel. That makes us a …

Hostel Submarine

rastel1Basztowa 15/55 2nd floor 15
Krakow, Poland 31-143

I know your first reaction to this name would be , “What the hell would I need to get into a submarine for accommodation?” …

Hostel Deco

rastel1Mazowiecka 3A
Krakow, Poland 30-036

Traveling on budget does not mean you should go for the lowly rated accommodations in Krakow. With your not-so much …

Hostel Lemon Tree

rastel1Stefana Batorego 19
Krakow, Poland 31-135

Lemon Tree Hostel has created a name for itself in Krakow’s accommodation circles. From the name, you would expect …

NH Hostel

rastel1os. Złotej Jesieni 7
Krakow, Poland 31-827

For most people, a vacation should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Coming to Krakow, the least you …

Moon Hostel New

rastel1Halicka 11
Krakow, Poland 31-035

There is a thinking that Krakow may have the best places to see and things to do but still lags behind in terms of accommodation. …

Amber Hostel

rastel1Krowoderska 5
Krakow, Poland 31-000

At central Krakow,Amber Hostel is the best place you can put up for the few days you are going to be staying. Of all …

Freedom Hostel

rastel1Pomorska 2
Krakow, Poland 30-039

Located right at the heart of Krakow, only a few minutes’ walk from the Main Market Square, this recently opened hostel …

Hostel u Kmity

rastel1Floriańska 13
Krakow, Poland 31-019

At the city center of Krakow it can get really noisy with street parties and music from clubs giving you no peace to …

Ginger Hostel

rastel1Zygmunta Krasińskiego 10
Krakow, Poland 33-332

For anyone looking to learn the past and present of Poland in once city then Krakow is the place for you. Here is the …

Little Havana Party Hostel

rastel1Jagiellońska 10
Krakow, Poland 31-008

For the complete experience of a good holiday, some partying should be part of the package. Remember you should be looking …

Momotown Hostel

rastel1Miodowa 28
Krakow, Poland 31-055

There are many hostels in Krakow but still, the Momotown Hostel stands distinctively out. Part of the reason for this …

Hostel Lwowska26

rastel1Lwowska 26,
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Travelers who want to maximize on fun know the best chance they have at this is looking for a place offering basic accommodation. …

TBN House

rastel1Osiedle Zlotej Jesieni 15b
Krakow, Poland 31-828

Krakow is hyped for having some of the best things to do in Poland. Well, that is true and if you have never been to …

Art Hostel

rastel1Wrzesińska 11
Krakow, Poland 33-332

Located in Krakow, Art Hostel prides itself as the leader when it comes to offering modern accommodation. Conveniently …

Heynow Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 5
Krakow, Poland 31-019

For those who love a quiet place to sleep while on their vacation, Heynow Hostel is such a place if you are visiting …

Cat Hostel Krakow

rastel1Krowoderska 4
Krakow, Poland 31-018

Cat Hostel is a new, stylish and comfortable hostel that’s located right at the heart of Krakow. The hostel is located …

Enigma Hostel

rastel1Rakowicka 12
Krakow, Poland 31-510

Enigma Hostel & Apartments is a haven for those looking for restful, clean and a friendly place to stay in while …

Good Bye Lenin Doubles Exclusive

rastel1Dolnych Młynów 9
Krakow, Poland 31-124

There is one grand way to welcome you to Krakow and that is spending some time at the Good Bye Lenin Double Exclusive. …

Lawendowy Hostel

rastel1Pilotów 91
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Your holiday in Krakow is not complete if you do not.Get the best accommodation this city has to offer. And the best …

Tutti Frutti Hostel

rastel1Floriańska 29
Krakow, Poland 31-019

If there is one place you should be looking for accommodation in Krakow, the old town should be on top of that list. And …

Mosquito Hostel

rastel1rynek Kleparski 4
Krakow, Poland 31-150

Situated just minutes from Krakow central train station, the Mosquito Hostel is an ambient place where guests are welcomed …

Tramp Aparthostel

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 30
Krakow, Poland 31-027

Tramp ApartHostel or should it be Trump? Well , forget the pun in the name of Tramp ApartHostel because you are getting …

Royal Castle Center

rastel1Straszewskiego 5/6, Old Town
Krakow, Poland 31-101

The Royal Castle Center is one of the top accommodation spots in Krakow that offers temporary stay to visitors who don’t …

Krakow Inn Hostel

rastel1Ariańska 5
Krakow, Poland 31-505

Looking for a place where you will be welcomed like your own home when you get to Krakow? Do not search anymore. Krakow …

Bison Hostel

rastel1Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 5
Krakow, Poland 31-025

Staying in this 17th Century building that boasts an over-the-city view is just amazing. Thanks to its high wooden ceilings, …

Olimp Hostel

rastel1Józefa Rostafińskiego 9
Krakow, Poland 30-072

Set in Bronowice in Krakow, the Olimp Hostel is just a short walk from the Pedagogical University of Krakow. It’s …

Hollywood Hostel

rastel1Zwierzyniecka 15
Krakow, Poland 31-103

I know where your thoughts are taking you at the mention of Hollywood Hostel. Calm yourself, this not the American Hollywood; …

Dom Franciszkanski San Antonio

rastel1Krowoderska 7
Krakow, Poland 31-141

Who doesn’t love the little pleasures of life when going for a vacation? I will not waste my breathe trying to convince …

Hostel Taurus

rastel1Łobzowska 43
Krakow, Poland 31-139

One thing that should make your Krakow holiday a memorable time is if you get the best and the cheapest accommodation. …

Hostel Yellow

rastel1Dunajewskiego 6
Krakow, Poland 31-133

For anyone looking to maximize on their fun Krakow has to offer, you are better of being choosy with where you end up …

Hostel Strumyk

rastel1Józefa Rostafińskiego 8
Krakow, Poland 30-072

How does gothic architecture sound to you? To me it is something I would give anything to see. In Krakow, Hostel Strumyk …

Hostel Aleje 28

rastel1Tatarska 5
Krakow, Poland 30-103

Krakow is the one-stop package for a tourist who would want to have it all in one holiday destination. It has the best …

City Hostel

rastel1Świętego Krzyża 21
Krakow, Poland 31-023

For your holiday, you should not be so hard on yourself. Remember you saved for the holiday to have some wonderful time. …

Blueberry Hostel

rastel1Wrzesińska 5/5
Krakow, Poland 31-031

Blueberry is a great fruit and anything associated with it comes with great sweet experience. With Blueberry Hostel …

Pillows Party Hostel

rastel1Karmelicka 3
Krakow, Poland 31-133

It is that time of the year when roads lead to Krakow. This Polish city is a top tourist destination and if you are …

Hostel Victoria

rastel1Górników 11
Krakow, Poland 30-001

Hostel Victoria is a sweet name for an accommodation spot in Krakow and for a moment you would think you are in London. …

Hostel Kaktus Krakow

rastel1Targowa 2
Krakow, Poland 30-529

If there is one place that got it all in one package, Krakow would be top in that list. It is not only that you get to …

Hostel Bialy Dom

rastel1Przewóz 3
Krakow, Poland 30-715

Podgorze District is one of a kind if you find yourself in Krakow. If you are looking for a trendy and top-of-the range …

Hostel Fryderyk

rastel1Chopina 13
Krakow, Poland 30-047

You should never deny yourself all the pleasure you can afford while you travel. If Krakow is your destination this holiday …

Crawl Party Hostel

rastel1Świętego Tomasza 20
Krakow, Poland 33-332

There is only one way to have a great stay at Krakow; and that is booking your accommodation at Crawl Party Hostel. Well, …

Euro Hostel Krakow

rastel1Westerplatte 13
Krakow, Poland 31-033

The Euro Hostel is located right in the middle of Krakow City, and as such, is conveniently located to most of the city’s …

Chilli Hostel

rastel1Kalwaryjska 58
Krakow, Poland 30-504

Visiting Krakow for a short period of time but not sure where to stay? Worry not because at Chilli Hostel, you will …

Red Sails Hostel

rastel1Retoryka 1, 4th Floor, Old Town
Krakow, Poland 31-108

If you are looking forward to digging into the history of Krakow, the best place you can do it is by finding accommodation …

Cracow Hostel

rastel1Rynek Główny 18
Krakow, Poland 30-008

The Cracow Hostel gives visitors the real advantage of staying in a 17th century building with amazing view over the …

Shishkin Art Hostel

rastel1Dietla 64
Krakow, Poland 33-332

How does non-smoking rooms sound to you? And not just that, the rates here are ridiculously affordable that your pocket …

Hostel Kubik

rastel1Wygoda 9/1, Old Town
Krakow, Poland 31-106

Located just minutes from Krakow’s Central Business District, Hostel Kubik strives to offer the best accommodation …

Hostel Maraton

rastel110 Juliana Tokarskiego, Krowodrza
Krakow, Poland 30-065

I know the main reason why you came all the way to Krakow is to see and do what makes this Polish city great. I must …

Ametyst Hostel

rastel1ul. Karmelitcka 10
Krakow, Poland 31-128

Ametyst Hostel prides itself as the go-to hostel for guests visiting Krakow for a short period of time. With top-notch …

18/12 Hostel Krakow

rastel1Juliusza Lea 18/12
Krakow, Poland 30-048

For those who would love some sense of style where. They stay during a holiday then 18/12 Hostel Krakow is something …