Hostels in Prague

Plus Prague Hostel

rastel1Privozni 1
Prague, Czech Republic 17000

The Plus Prague Hostel might appear to be in a rather low-key building from the outside, but the inside is certainly not …

City Stay Prague

rastel1Sokolská 66
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

City Stay Prague offers a number of apartments for rent and even if you have never tried staying in an apartment then …

Hostel Boudnik

rastel1Dalimilova 254/4
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

From the outside, Hostel Boudnik in Prague looks like nothing special, but that opinion is going to change as soon as …

Hostel One Prague

rastel1Cimburkova 916/8
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

The first thing that strikes you about Hostel One Prague is that you need to go up a cobbled street in order to get to …

Mosaic House

rastel1Odboru 278/4
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Mosaic House in Prague is perhaps not your usual kind of hostel as this is in a rather cool building that is just as equally …

Royal Road Residence

rastel1Karlova 20
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

The Royal Road Residence in Prague is the kind of hostel that is rather unassuming from the outside and yet things are …

Clown and Bard Hostel

rastel1Borivojova 102
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

The Clown and Bard in Prague would certainly win an award for a hostel with the most intriguing name but it is not just …

Brix Hostel

rastel1Rohacova 132/15
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

The Brix Hostel in Prague may not be in the absolute heart of the city but thanks to a pretty good public transport system …

Hostel Marabou

rastel1Konevova 738/55
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

Hostel Marabou in Prague is often regarded as being one of the most lively hostels in the entire city and you can begin …

Adam & Eva Hostel

rastel1Zborovska 497/50
Prague, Czech Republic 15000

The Adam and Eva Hostel in Prague just sounds like a fun place because of the name and the best part is that this is a …

Hostel Downtown

rastel1Narodni 19.
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Downtown in Prague is one place that is more than likely going to be able to provide you with a very warm welcome. …

Chili Hostel

rastel1Pstrossova 7/205
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Chili Hostel in Prague is the kind of place that is able to give you a warm welcome. Located in the heart of the city …

Central Spot Prague

rastel1Krakovska 1436/3
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Central Spot in Prague has to be in one of the best positions in the entire city which is going to be a major draw for …

Hostel Dakura

rastel1Narodni obrany 544/7
Prague, Czech Republic 16000

Hostel Dakura in Prague is a rather interesting hostel partly because of the fact that it is situated in a building that …

Hostel Rosemary

rastel1Ruzova 971/5
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Rosemary in Prague is situated in the Jewish part of the city, but this also means that so many wonderful sights …

Hostel Lipa

rastel1Tachovske nam. 288/6
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

Hostel Lipa in Prague is not located in the absolute heart of the city but the fact that it is just a few minutes walk …

Arpacay Backpackers Hostel

rastel1Nerudova 223/40
Prague, Czech Republic 11800

Arpacay Backpackers Hostel in Prague is actually located inside a 16th century building in the city although you should …

Sokolska Youth Hostel

rastel1Sokolska 1792/52
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Located in the city centre, Sokolska Youth Hostel comes across as a place that is relatively unfussy in what it does although …

Sir Toby's Hostel

rastel1Delnicka 1155/24
Prague, Czech Republic 17000

Sir Toby’s is an excellent option if you are looking for a conveniently located hostel in the poplar “Holesovice” …

Equity Point Prague

rastel1Ostrovni 131/15
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Want to stay somewhere a little more modern for your trip to Prague? Then you may want to take a closer look at Equity …

Hostel One Home

rastel1Hybernska 1008/22
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel One Home in Prague is a rather interesting hostel in what has to be one of the most intriguing cities in Europe. …

Artharmony Pension & Hostel

rastel1Jecna 509/12
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

If you are looking a great place for relaxation and to enjoy a familiar and peaceful environment, then Artharmony Pension …

Hostel Mojo

rastel1Reznicka 662/17
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Mojo can be found in the middle of the city of Prague which is always going to be a huge advantage when you consider …

Travellers Hostel Praha

rastel1Dlouha 33
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Travelers interested in things of the past would greatly appreciate the city of Prague. A place wrapped in centuries-long …

Hostel Advantage

rastel1Sokolska 11
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Getting a hostel in Prague, Czech Republic should not be an uphill task. This is because there are numerous ones, the …

Post Hostel Prague

rastel1Moravska 9
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Post Hostel Prague is a great place where you can get to relax and enjoy your stay in Prague. It has walking tours of …

A Plus Hotel & Hostel

rastel1Na Florenci 1413/33
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

A Plus Hotel & Hostel in Prague is known to be a hostel that is rather laid back in its approach but do not think for …

Prague-1 Hostel

rastel1Mezibranska 1668/5
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Prague-1 Hostel is located a mere 200 yards from Wenceslas Square which does of course mean that it is in the absolute …

Prague Hostel Cathedral

rastel1Francouzska 80/6
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Efficiency, history, comfort, privacy and a serine environment are just some of the qualities that you should expect during …

Hostel Modra

rastel1K Letisti 916/8
Prague, Czech Republic 16100

Hostel Modra in Prague is best described as being a bright, clean, and functional hostel that can be found next to Terminal …

Ragtime Hostel

rastel1Opatovicka 154/26
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Ragtime in Prague is certainly a place that is going to get your interest even if that is purely because of the name of …

Hostel Florenc

rastel1Pod Vytopnou 2
Prague, Czech Republic 18600

Hostel Florenc in Prague is just a matter of minutes away from the real hub of the city known as Wenceslas Square. This …

Hostel Ananas

rastel1Vaclavske nam. 846/1
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Ananas in Prague can be found in the lower part of the famous Wenceslas Square and if you are unsure as to what …

Hostel Franz Kafka

rastel1Kaprova 14/13
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Aesthetics, simplicity, comfort, warmth and tranquility are what you should expect to receive during your stay at the …

Botic Student House

rastel1K Botici 1439/5
Prague, Czech Republic 10100

The Botic Student House in Prague is slightly different from what you are perhaps used to as this is self-catering accommodation …

Museum Inn

rastel1Celakovskeho sady 434/8
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

The Museum Inn in Prague is certainly going to provide you with a few surprises when it comes to you staying there. The …

Hostel Opletalova

rastel1Opletalova 933/13
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Opletalova is conveniently located right in the heart of Prague, only one hundred metres from Wenceslas Square …

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel

rastel1Mostecka 53/4
Prague, Czech Republic 11800

The Charles Bridge Economic Hostel in Prague is pretty self-explanatory thanks to its name and for that we should be grateful. …

Hostel Elf

rastel1Husitska 888/11
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

Hostel Elf is one of Prague’s longest running hostels. This delightful Prague hostel was first established in 2000, …

Jump In Hostel

rastel1Dalimilova 261/14
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

The Jump In Hostel in Prague certainly has a pretty cool name but is there more to it than just a catchy title? Well, …

AZ Hostel

rastel1Jindrisska 5
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

AZ-Hostel in Prague is perfectly located within the city itself thanks to it being a mere 200 yards from the world famous …

Hostel Cortina

rastel1Arbesovo nam. 258/6
Prague, Czech Republic 15000

Hardly would you find affordably priced hotels in the Prague City Centre. Accommodation need not be an expensive thing …

Hostel Homer

rastel1Melantrichova 465/11
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Are you looking for a perfect place to stay while visiting Prague? If yes, then considering a few days at Hostel Homer …

Little Quarter Hostel

rastel1Nerudova 21
Prague, Czech Republic 18000

The Little Quarter Hostel in Prague is located a mere 650 yards away from Prague Castle which gives you an indication …

Hostel Emma

rastel1Na Zderaze 267/10
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Hostel Emma in Prague is located in one of the many historical buildings in the city and you will be able to find it a …

Welcome Hostel Prague Center

rastel1Zitna 17
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

The Welcome Hostel Prague Center is, as the name suggests, right in the very heart of the city as this hostel is located …

1Bed4U Hostel

rastel1Lublanska 800/65
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Relaxing once in a while is a wholly healthy endeavor. It enables you to take a break from your daily routine so you savor …

Hostel SKLEP

rastel1Seifertova 447/53
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

Hostel SKLEP in Prague is located just 500 yards from a metro station and just 0.6 miles from Wenceslas Square. This is …

Baroque Hall

rastel1Jecna 510/14
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

The Baroque Hall in Prague is located just 750 yards from the National Museum and that alone gives you an indication of …

Hostel Kolbenka

rastel1Kolbenova 159/5
Prague, Czech Republic 19000

If you want to tap into the pleasure realm, then you should be ready to keep pulses with information regarding Hostel …

Czech Inn Hostel

rastel1Francouzska 240/76
Prague, Czech Republic 10100

Czech Inn Hostel us a one in a million hotel offering over the top services. The hostel, located 1.5 kilometers from the …

Hostel Alia

rastel1Vladimirova 234/8
Prague, Czech Republic 14001

Fortunately, in this present era, you can navigate virtually all the nooks and corners of the world by just clicking a …

McSleep Hostel

rastel1Petrska 1161/24
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Travelling is incontestably ideal in its entirety. For that very reason, if you’re an ardent explorer it’s good to …

Hostel Apple

rastel1Stepanska 622/36
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Sometimes, hopping off your daily routine and jetting right into a relaxed environment is certainly worthwhile. You’ll …

Hostel Seven

rastel1Varhulikove 1609/13
Prague, Czech Republic 17000

Hostel Seven in Prague is going to be different from what you often expect and you will understand that when you set eyes …

SG1 Hostel

rastel1Malostranske nam. 266/5
Prague, Czech Republic 11800

The SG1 Hostel in Prague can be found in the oldest part of the city and with it being only a 2 minute walk from the Charles …

Ahoy Hostel

rastel1Na Perstyne 10
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Looking into visiting the beautiful city of Prague, then you should make a reservation at the amazing Ahoy Hostel. Here …

Hostel Santini

rastel1Nerudova 211/14
Prague, Czech Republic 11800

Hostel Santini is surrounded by historical sites in Prague. It is located in the oldest part of Prague: under the Prague …

Hostel Marianeum

rastel1Machova 571/7
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

As a traveller or student, you may have many lodging options as you travel around the world or pursue your studies in …

Hostel Orange

rastel1Vaclavske nam. 781/20
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Well, there is no doubt that having a wonderful place to stay at while visiting Prague is important. You can find many …

Hostel Altair

rastel1Na Porici 1060/39
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

During your vacation, you’d like to choose the best hostel where you can unwind and enjoy your free time to the fullest. …

Hostel Volha

rastel1K Verneraku 950/45
Prague, Czech Republic 14828

There has never been a better way to spend your holiday trip than staying at an exotic place. If you are to explore and …

Cosmopole Hostel

rastel1Spalena 83/3
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Whether you are on vacation or business, it is important to get a great place to stay. This way you can find a hostel …

Hostel Bell

rastel1V Tunich 1769/12
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

The moment you arrive at the historical city of Prague in the Czech Republic, the best accommodation facilities you can …

Old Prague House

rastel1Naprstkova 214/7
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

There’s nothing as refreshing as cooling off in the hostel of your choice during your vacation. You’ll actually have …

Hostel Mango

rastel1Misenska 68/8
Prague, Czech Republic 11800

Hostel Mango is an excellent choice of Prague accommodation. Experience modern services and relaxed comfort in a fantastic …

Hostel Marrakesh

rastel1Biskupska 1139/4
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Prague is a very popular destination for travellers interested in experiencing Czech culture, history and architecture. …

Art Hole Hostel

rastel1Soukenicka 1756/34
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

HOME is where the ART is. So just as its name suggests, the Art Hole Hostel is an art masterpiece. At the Art Hole Hostel, …

Hostel Mingle

rastel1Odboru 263/2
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Hostel Mingle in Prague is located in the New Town area of the city and if you are wondering as to what that is like, …

Hostel Kaiser

rastel1Narodní 981/17
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Kaiser in Prague is located in the Prague 01 District of the city. This means that it is located just some 600 …

Charles Square Hostel

rastel1Vysehradska 53
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Charles Square Hostel in Prague is located a mere 1km from most of the main tourist hotspots of central Prague. This does …

Hostel Strahov

rastel1Vanickova 7
Prague, Czech Republic 16000

Going abroad for studies as an international student or travelling around the world can be quite fun and exciting. Unfortunately, …

Hostel Sokol Troja

rastel1Nosticova 465/2
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Sokol Troja in Prague is fortunate enough to be located in a lovely part of the city. You will find the Baroque …

Hostel Praha Ladvi

rastel1Davidkova 443/114
Prague, Czech Republic 18200

Hostel Praha Ladvi in Prague is located in an amazing building that is certainly going to be different from what you are …

Hostel Easy Housing

rastel1Spytihnevova 131/6
Prague, Czech Republic 12800

Hostel Easy Housing in Prague is a bright and spacious hostel that is located less than one mile from the main museum …

Hostel Delmedio

rastel1Perlova 370/3
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Delmedio in Prague is conveniently located in the absolute heart of Prague which is always going to be a good thing …

Hostel Kolej Jarov I

rastel1Konevova 93/198
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

Kolej Jarov I in Prague is located just a 15 minutes tram journey from the middle of the city and it is in a wonderful …

Hostel Na Smetance

rastel1Na Smetance 1582/22
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Hostel Na Smetance in Prague, is located a mere 700 yards from Wenceslas Square so there is going to be so many different …

Hostel Sinkule

rastel1Zikova 13
Prague, Czech Republic 16000

Hostel Sinkule in Prague is a mere 1.5km from Prague Castle, which gives you some kind of an indication as to where it …

ATS Hostel Jednota

rastel1Opletalova 1663/38
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

ATS Hostel Jednota in Prague is wonderfully located with the old part of the city a mere 750 yards away from your accommodation. …

Hostel Liben

rastel1U meteoru 29/37
Prague, Czech Republic 18000

Hostel Liben in Prague is going to provide you with basic accommodation that is going to be more than suitable for the …

Hostel Letov

rastel1Beranovych 65
Prague, Czech Republic 19900

Hostel Letov in Prague is a bright and funky hostel which is located at the Areal Letov Complex. This may mean that it …

Hostel Miles

rastel1Vodickova 1935/38
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Miles in Prague is located in the center of the city of Prague which is always going to be a bonus for anybody …

Hostel Fontana

rastel1Narodni obrany 935/13
Prague, Czech Republic 16000

Hostel Fontana in Prague can be found in a residential part of the city and it is still within easy reach of all of the …

Hostel Bohemia

rastel1Podebradska 540/26
Prague, Czech Republic 19000

Hostel Bohemia in Prague can be found outside the heart of the city, but at the same time it is still just a 10 minute …

Hostel Bonvolon

rastel1Jungmannova 5/18
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

Hostel Bonvolon in Prague is located a mere 350 yards from the famous Wenceslas Square. This does mean that it is in an …

Budget Apartment

rastel1Kubelikova 1247/40
Prague, Czech Republic 13000

Budget Apartment Prague Hostel is a hub for fun located just 3 km away from the Riegrovy Sady Park. If you really want …

Hostel Kolej Hostivar

rastel1Weilova 1144/2
Prague, Czech Republic 10200

Kolej Hostivar is a twenty five bedroom hostel in Prague. Comfortable rooms each with private ensuites make this hostel …

Budget Hostel Prague

rastel1Josefska 626/7
Prague, Czech Republic 11800

The one thing that you cannot do with the Budget Hostel in Prague is to be fooled by its name. Too often, people will …

Charles Bridge International Hostel

rastel1Hroznova 4
Prague, Czech Republic 11800

Charles Bridge International is literally Prague’s most centrally located hostel. The hostel is actually located right …

Gallery Hostel

rastel1V Jame 1671/7
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

The Gallery Hostel in Prague is a two star hostel located a few minutes from Wenceslas square. This boutique hostel consists …

Holeckova Hostel

rastel1 Holeckova 107
Prague, Czech Republic 15000

Holeckova Hostel provides centrally located accommodation for both short and longer term stays. Holeckova Hostel offers …

Hostel Boathouse

rastel1Lodnicka 1
Prague, Czech Republic 14700

Hostel Boathouse in Prague is certainly an intriguing place to stay thanks to the name alone. However, the hostel itself …

Sporthostel Scandinavia

rastel1Ztracena 1132/1
Prague, Czech Republic 16100

Sporthostel Scandinavia in Prague is a functional hostel that offers a range of facilities that should make it more than …

Hostel Centre

rastel1Sokolska 29
Prague, Czech Republic 12000

Hostel Centre in Prague has a wonderful location and that alone is going to help it to really stand out from all of the …

Hostel Briliant

rastel1Nachodska 708/79
Prague, Czech Republic 19300

Hostel Briliant is well connected, affordably priced Hostel with individual rooms. A short walk from all of the major …

Hostel Ping House

rastel1Slezská 1297/3
Prague, Czech Republic 120 00

Located in the heart of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, the Ping House Hostel is close to the city’s most important …

Safestay Prague

rastel1Ostrovní 131/15
Prague, Czech Republic 110 00

The Safestay Hostel in Prague is set in a central area of the city with close proximity to the city’s top attractions. …

Hostel IBEX

rastel1Seifertova 32/3
Prague, Czech Republic 130 00

The Hostel IBEX is located in Prague and features a bar and a shared lounge. Set just a few kilometers from the iconic …

Hostel Hello

rastel1Svatoplukova 198/2
Prague, Czech Republic 128 00

Hostel Hello, located in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is an up and coming hostel that endeavors to be the finest …

VisitInn Apartments & Hostel

rastel1Sokolovská 399/196
Prague, Czech Republic 180 00

Is Prague your next destination in your bucket list? If it is then I have great news for you. It has to do with your …

All Seasons Hostel

rastel1Na Poříčí 1060/39
Prague, Czech Republic 110 00

Located just 1.1 km from the Old Town Square, All Seasons Hostel offers free Wi-Fi to its guests and a raft of other …

Prague Moon Hostel

rastel173, Londýnská
Prague, Czech Republic 120 00

Czech Republic is a must-visit and specifically itscapital city, Prague. It is a city of marvel; with so much to see …

DUDU Praha Hostel

rastel1Pařížská 131/28
Prague, Czech Republic 110 00

Found in Prague and located just some 400 m from the Old Town Square,the DUDU Praha Hostel boasts neat and well-maintained …

Hostel Mirak

rastel14 Blanická
Prague, Czech Republic 120 00

Hostel Mirak is your befitting accommodation for your stay in Prague . Besides offering the very best services you will …

Home Factory Hostel

rastel1Lublaňská 267/12
Prague, Czech Republic 120 00

Set in the Prague 02 District in the city of Prague, and just some less than 1 km distance from the famous Prague National …

Valentina Apartments

rastel1Legerova 434/82
Prague, Czech Republic 120 00

Strategically located in Prague’s 01 District, the Valentina Apartments is great place to stay when you are looking …

The Republic Garden Hostel

rastel117 Truhlářská
Prague, Czech Republic 110 00

The Republic Garden should be an easy choice to pick for your accommodation . Its location and design place it ahead of …

Hostel Shelter

rastel1V Jámě 7
Prague, Czech Republic 11000

As a visitor to Prague , you no doubt want your stay to be fun , pleasurable and unforgettable. One place you can be …

Hostel Green Fish

rastel1U Břehu 473/47
Prague, Czech Republic 102 00

Whether you want to stay at a relaxed hostel or you want a facility that gives you an opportunity to socialize with …

Hostel Marv

rastel1Karlovo náměstí 16
Prague, Czech Republic 120 00

Hostel Marv is the real deal when it comes to affordable and comfortable accommodation in Prague. As the name suggests, …

Penzion Metro

rastel19 Prvního pluku str
Prague, Czech Republic 186 00

Set in the Prague 08 District , Prague , the Penzion Metro provides sterling accommodation complete with a bar and free …

Hostel Prazacka

rastel1Nad Ohradou 2667/17
Prague, Czech Republic 130 00

Located in the Czech capital of Prague, Hostel Prazacka consists of a garden as well as a shared lounge. Its just some …