Hostels in Wroclaw

Absynt Hostel

rastel1ul. Św. Antoniego 15, Stare Miasto, 50-073 Wrocław, Poland
Wroclaw, Poland 50-073

Absynt Hostel is in the heart of Wroclaw. If you make a stay here, you are on top of the action that goes down in the …

Hart Hostel & Art

rastel1Ludwika Rydygiera 25a
Wroclaw, Poland 50-248

Hart Hostel & Art has earned a name for itself for being one of the best accommodation spots in Wroclaw. It has …

Moon Hostel Wroclaw

rastel1Krupnicza 6/8
Wroclaw, Poland 50-075

Located in the central part of Wroclaw city, just some 200 meters away from the Main Square, the Moon Hostel is a specialist …

Cinnamon Hostel Wroclaw

rastel1 Kazimierza Wielkiego 67
Wroclaw, Poland 50-007

Traveling to Wroclaw and in need of temporary accommodation? Hostel Cinnamon is where you want to be. The hostel is …

Wigwam Hostel

rastel1Szybka 6/10
Wroclaw, Poland 50-421

The Wigwam Hostel is among the top accommodation sites in Wroclaw, and its meant to cater to the needs of people looking …

Fitness Hostel

rastel1Sołtysowicka 15b
Wroclaw, Poland 51-168

Fitness Hostel! I know that name gives you jitters and it feels like you are walking into a gym. Far from it, this is …

Corner Hostel

rastel1Świdnicka 13
Wroclaw, Poland 50-066

Located in Wroclaw, Poland , the Corner Hostel aims to be the perfect residence for people looking for temporary accommodation …

Hostel Wratislawia

rastel1Komuny Paryskiej 19
Wroclaw, Poland 11-400

If you want your stay in Wroclaw to be worth good memories, you should book your accommodation in Hostel Wratislavia. …

Trio Hostel

rastel1Trzemeska 4
Wroclaw, Poland 53-679

If your next holiday is taking you to Poland and specifically Wroclaw; a big surprise awaits you. The city, just like …

Swiebodzki Hostel

rastel1plac Orląt Lwowskich 20A
Wroclaw, Poland 53-605

Swiebodzki Hostel is a top accommodation destination for many guests visiting Wroclaw, and there are good reasons too. …

Boogie ApartHouse Old Town

rastel1Garbary 2
Wroclaw, Poland 48-300

Boogie ApartHouse Old Town is a name you will surely come across when searching for a place to stay in Wroclaw. The Apartment-cum-house …

Hostel Mleczarnia

rastel1Pawła Włodkowica 5
Wroclaw, Poland 50-072

Among those who have spent some time at Hostel Mleczarnia, they call it a spot with a soul as well as character. Nothing …

Boogie Deluxe Old Town

rastel1Białoskórnicza 6
Wroclaw, Poland 50-134

Boogie Deluxe Old Town is one of the few hostels in Wroclaw that have gone all-out to provide excellent accommodation …

Friends Hostel Old Town

rastel1Ruska 49
Wroclaw, Poland 50-079

You are on this page because you are about to come to Wroclaw and want somewhere to sleep at. I also know you want somewhere …

Wroclow Hostel

rastel1Wąska 5
Wroclaw, Poland 50-249

Srodimiescie District in Wroclaw has earned praise for its tranquility and safety. Visitors coming to the city are looking …

Five Stars Luxury Hostel

rastel1Ruska 35
Wroclaw, Poland 50-079

Five-Stars Hostel is a one-of-a-kind establishment in Wroclaw that combines excellent hostel services with a friendly …

Vanilla Hostel Wroclaw

rastel1Generała Romualda Traugutta 35
Wroclaw, Poland 50-416

How does staying in a 19th century sound? Pretty fascinating I would say. Vanilla Hostel Wroclaw gives you such a rare …

St. Dorothys Hostel

rastel1Świdnicka 24/26
Wroclaw, Poland 11-400

Located only 300 meters from Wroclaws Old Town Square, St. Dorothy Hostel specializes in offering cutting-edge accommodation …

Royal Hostel

rastel1Kazimierza Wielkiego 27
Wroclaw, Poland 11-400

When you think of a hostel, you may be thinking of a crammed room with dirty-looking bunk beds and unhygienic conditions. …

Moho M Hostel

rastel1plac Świętego Macieja 11/1
Wroclaw, Poland 50-244

As much as Wroclaw has some of the most fascinating urban views , it is equally attractive when it comes to accommodation …

Hostel Loft Wroclaw

rastel1 Traugutta 73 1
Wroclaw, Poland 50-417

Loft Hostel Wroclaw is located in the prime area of the city , and thus offers great accessibility to some of the best …

Dizzy Daisy Hostel Wroclaw

rastel1plac Grunwaldzki 63
Wroclaw, Poland 50-378

Located in a serene area not far from the citys central business district, Dizzy Daisy Hostel Wroclaw is just a 5-minutes …

Moho L Hostel

rastel1plac Świętego Macieja 11/1
Wroclaw, Poland 50-244

In MoHo L hostel, guest convenience and comfort is given a priority. Top in the list is a kitchenette where guest can …

Moho S Hostel

rastel1ul. Sikorskiego 11/1, Stare Miasto
Wroclaw, Poland 53-659

The MoHo S Hostel is one of the few Wroclaw hostels that give their guests the ultimate experience in accommodation. …

City Central Hostel Rynek

rastel1ul. Rynek 24, Stare Miasto
Wroclaw, Poland 50-101

If it is about a perfect location, City Central Hostel Rynek has no rival in that front. The hostel is only 50m from …

Hostel Savoy Wroclaw

rastel1Plac gen. Tadeusza Kościuszki 19
Wroclaw, Poland 50-027

From experience, staying at the heart of a city you are visiting has more advantages than shortcomings. For one,you …

City Central Hostel Laciarska

rastel159A Łaciarska, Stare Miasto
Wroclaw, Poland 50-105

Are you a business executive looking to travel to Wroclaw but is clueless about where to spend your nights? Or perhaps …

Pokoje Goscinne Stop

rastel1Sienkiewicza 31
Wroclaw, Poland 50-349

Finding accommodation in a foreign land is next to a nightmare. You want a clean place thats comfortable, but also one …

City Central Hostel Kuznicza

rastel13 Kuźnicza, Stare Miasto
Wroclaw, Poland 50-138

Located just some 100m from Wroclaw Main Market Square, the City Central Hostel Kuznicza offers free Wi-Fi for its guests …

Hostel Piaskowy

rastel1Piaskowa 15
Wroclaw, Poland 50-158

A perfect holiday is never complete without a good place to call your temporary home. That is why Hostel Piaskowy should …

Ada Aparthouse

rastel1 Tadeusza Rejtana 1/4 1/4
Wroclaw, Poland 50-015

Affordability and comfort are two things you should insist on when making your choice of accommodation. Without these …

FlyFly Hostel

rastel1plac Staszica 1
Wroclaw, Poland 50-110

Located within the Åšrdmiecie in the district Wroclaw, FlyFly Hostel is just 1.2 km from the Wspczesny Theatre and features …

Hostel Cinema

rastel1Kazimierza Wielkiego 17
Wroclaw, Poland 50-077

There is nothing that you would love more than accommodation next to the beach. You will have a great view of the …

Grey House

rastel1Grecka 29
Wroclaw, Poland 54-406

The Grey House Hostel located in Wroclaw can be found in the Fabryczna part of the city and offers bright and clean …

Boogie Hostel

rastel1Ruska 34
Wroclaw, Poland 50-079

The Boogie Hostel in Wroclaw certainly has a rather intriguing name, but you clearly want to know if it comes up to …

Hostel Bemma

rastel1Kazimierza Wielkiego 15
Wroclaw, Poland 50-077

If like are me and you cannot resist the temptation of legendary buildings, then Hostel Bemma in Wroclaw will not be …

Hostel Swidnicka 24

rastel1Świdnicka 24/26
Wroclaw, Poland 50-066

The Hostel Swidnicka 24 has become a leader in the provision of top-notch accommodation since being founded a few years …

Pixel Hostel

rastel1Wróblewskiego 25
Wroclaw, Poland 51-627

Have a business trip to Wroclaw and you want somewhere you can spend your few days there safely and comfortably? Look …

Hostel Lajk

rastel1Świętego Mikołaja 59-60/14, 6 pietro, Stare Miasto
Wroclaw, Poland 50-127

Hostel Lajk in Wroclaw can be found in a wonderful location in the city due to its proximity to everything that is going …

Babel Hostel

rastel1 Kołłątaja 16
Wroclaw, Poland 50-007

Babel Hostel is only a couple of steps from Glowny railway station. That means you will not have a problem with moving …

One Lucky Hostel

rastel1Wita Stwosza 12
Wroclaw, Poland 50-148

One of the attractive aspects about One Lucky Hostel is its location. The hostel is literally on the top of what goes …

Centrum Hostel

rastel1 Świętego Mikołaja 16/17
Wroclaw, Poland 50-128

Checking in at the Centrum Hostel in Wroclaw is the perfect way to enjoy a comfortable stay in this city. Set in a strategic …

The One Hostel

rastel1Rynek 30
Wroclaw, Poland 50-102

How does accommodation not so far away from the beach suit you? If this is one of your dream holiday treats, then making …

Locomotive Hostel

rastel1plac Orląt Lwowskich 20A
Wroclaw, Poland 11-400

Locomotive Hostel is set right in the heart of Wroclaw, and has for years been considered one of the top places to seek …

Amnezja Hostel

rastel1Świętego Antoniego 15
Wroclaw, Poland 11-400

If you are looking for accommodation at the heart of Wroclaw, Amnezja Hostel should be your first stop. It is right …

Hostel Rumiankowy

rastel1Rumiankowa 26
Wroclaw, Poland 54-512

Set on A8 motorway in the outskirts of Wroclaw, the Hostel Rumiankowy features modern rooms that are spacious and properly …

Hostel Incepcja 33

rastel1Kościuszki 33
Wroclaw, Poland 50-012

Hostel Incepcja 33 boasts of its location and a great environment for guests. It is at the core of Wroclaw and for those …

Hostel Wlodkowica

rastel1ul. Pawła Włodkowica 37 apartament 8
Wroclaw, Poland 50-072

Hostel Wlodkowica is located strategically in Wroclaw, and has built a name for itself as specialists for provision …

Schronisko na Wyspie

rastel1Wyspa Słodowa 10
Wroclaw, Poland 48-300

Schronisko na Wyspie is one of the few hostels that are located right at the historical center of Wroclaw. They offer …

Hostel Spoco Loco 24

rastel1Gabrieli Zapolskiej 1
Wroclaw, Poland 50-032

Hostel Spoco Loco 24 is a friendly, clean and spacious hostel located at the central part of Wroclaw. The hostel offers …

Hostel Incepcja

rastel1Podwale 36
Wroclaw, Poland 50-040

Hostel Incepcja Wroclaw is the undisputed accommodation provider of choice, according to guests who are privileged to …

Hostel U Szermierzy

rastel1Zygmunta Krasińskiego 30B
Wroclaw, Poland 50-450

Hostel U Szermierzy is a popular accommodation point in Wroclaw, and its not a surprise why it has become the darling …

Hostel Relax Central Station

rastel191, Piłsudskiego
Wroclaw, Poland 50-019

Every guest will like the strategic location of Hostel Relax Central Station Wroclaw, being just blocks away from …

Hostel Baza 15

rastel1ul. Dmowskiego 15
Wroclaw, Poland 50-203

How does finding accommodation at the heart of Wroclaw feel? If that is something you have in mind, then making your …

Airport Work Hostel

rastel1Braniewska 33
Wroclaw, Poland 54-109

Airport Work Hostel has consistently been rated among the top hostels in Wroclaw by travellers and its easy to see why. …

Easy Rider Hostel

rastel1Skarbowców 65
Wroclaw, Poland 53-025

Kryzki neighborhood in Wroclaw is a stylish and safe place for visitors and locals alike. This is where Easy Rider …

Big City Hostel

rastel1Tęczowa 57
Wroclaw, Poland 53-601

Guests who have slept at the Big City Hostel have had constantly high praise for the facility,and among some of the …

Hostel Dreams

rastel1Sienkiewicza 8
Wroclaw, Poland 48-300

Dreams Hostel has a simple but clear objective: to provide the best accommodation to travelers to this great city of …