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The idea of WorldBackpackers.net originated during my own travels. The internet can be extremely useful when planning your trip and when on the road. And there are some great sites around too, but at times it can be difficult to find the appropriate information. I tried to fill this gap by creating my own site. The aim of this website is to provide an online spot where backpackers can find and exchange practical and useful information to help them prepare their journey before hitting the road. Hopefully you find this website useful. Thanks for visiting, and for taking the interest to read this.


Any personal data that reach WorldBackpackers.net (via e.g. newsletter, email or forum) will not be sold, given out, used for commercial purposes, or anything alike. A number of pages of WorldBackpackers.net uses cookies. These are not harmful, and only serve your viewing pleasure. General visitor statistics are stored for monitoring and evaluation purposes.


All content on this domain is under copyright of WorldBackpackers.net (all rights reserved). This means you may not copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. You may not make derivative works of it. You may not make commercial use of the work. All these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the webmaster. If you notice any copyright infringement, please get in touch immediately.

Please note that the policy just mentioned does not apply to all pages on this website (i.e. all travel stories and most destination guides). On those pages that have a different copyright policy, the correct copyrights are clearly indicated. In these cases, the WorldBackpackers.net copyright notice on the bottom of the page should be ignored.

Please note that copyrights of every post in the forum lie with the post’s author. You may not reproduce topics or posts on other websites without the permission of every post’s author.


Although it’s been given great care that this website only publishes honest and correct information, WorldBackpackers.net cannot be held liable in any way for any false information whatsoever.

All opinions expressed in the forum are the opinions of the post’s author. WorldBackpackers.net cannot be held liable for posts’ content and opinions.

In the Travel Services section a number of links are provided to other companies. World Backpackers provides links to other companies so that you can purchase products or services from them. These companies are responsible for all fulfilment and customer service.


Most pages on WorldBackpackers.net display text advertisements. These serve the purpose to cover the costs of domain registration, hosting, bandwidth, etcetera. Google Adsense is used, as this service will in general display ads which have relevancy to the page’s content and can therefore further contribute to your needs.

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