Stories from the Road

In this section you can read travel stories from places all over the world, narrating on crazy, great, horrific, hilarious, and other interesting experiences abroad. All stories have been written and sent in by backpackers.

"Sooner or later practically all members of the “Moscow School of Hitchhiking” undertake a trip…"
"A new experience lay ahead of me. I’d never hitchhiked long distances before, but I…"

"I believe that backpacking is a way of seeing extraordinary beauty in ordinary places. To…"
"My first glimpse of Beijing was at night from my plane. I saw an impressively…"
"Everyone loves Chinese take away food, fried rice, spring rolls, sweet and sour pork, all…"
"The Philippines has absolutely been underestimated. I mean, sure, this country has been (and…"
"Whilst travelling the well-known route from Bali through Indonesia, after a wild time in…"

"Nothing changes a country like a war. That which is history books for many nations…"
"A lone cross stands on a hill overlooking Whites Landing, a cove approximately 3 miles…"
"From Toronto to Vancouver, five hours by air. In the middle, the immense paunch of…"

"Hey everyone, my name is Darryl Triebner and I’m from Toronto, Canada. Back in the…"
"Hiya!! I’m Vicky, sixteen years old from England, and still excited about my first proper…"


The Crimean Peace

"Tatar palaces, Turkish fortresses, magic stalactite caves, lush sub-tropical mountains, miles and miles of beaches…"
When Hell Freezes Over

"Surrounded by lush, rolling hills and only an hour’s drive from the Alps, Salzburg, Austria…"
The Gold Panner

"Via Inverness I traveled through the Scottish Highlands to Fort William. My host in Inverness…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 8)

"After five straight days of tireless traveling and nonstop sightseeing through the British…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 7)

"One week is not a lot of time to get to know 22 other backpackers…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 6)

"The great lecturer and literary genius Mark Twain once said, “I have found out that…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 5)

"After spending a week or so in London, it was time for me to get…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 4)

"At a time when most Americans were canceling their European vacation plans due to…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 3)

"Spending too much time in London, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, can…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 2)

"The first night of my three month backpacking trip to Europe found me in the…"
A Traveler’s Journal – Lessons Learned Abroad
(Vol. 1)

"The very first person I met when I arrived in London on my three month…"
Backpacking in 1978

"Obviously, one day someone found out that you could use the word ‘backpacking’ as a…"

Asia & Middle East:

Embarking on a Holy Adventure

"I had a strong grip on the seat in front of mine. I could…"
Hutongs, the True Chinese Experience

"I only had a week, and I was determined to dive into Chinese culture as…"
Traveling across India with two sisters, three
Enfield motorcycles and a hopelessly western mindset.

"The minute I stepped out of the airport in India was mayhem, bedlam, heat and…"
Kibbutz Life

"In a moment of nostalgia I’m reading over the last few pages of my travel…"


Shark Alley

"It used to be known as Shark Alley now it’s just The Alley (Currumbin, Gold…"
What a Journey! Sydney to Cairns… and back again!

"After still only seeing a small percentage of this country I can categorically state that…"

North & Central America:

El Salvador, Part 1: The Trip

"Out of the way, with nothing extraordinary for the camera, and with a marred reputation…"
Returning Rivers

"People move in and out. A stream, often a torrent of rivers, merging at the…"
Road Trippin’

"Many people said we couldn’t do it: this road trip through seven states in my…"
Costa Rica Pura Vida

"If ever there were a phrase that fully captured the true essence of a people and a land…"

South America:

Choquequirao – the Real Lost City of the Inca

"Hundreds of thousands come back from Peru unaware that just about 100 km or so…"
The end of the world

"From Puerto Montt, you can take a ship that maneuvering among cliffs and glaciers, will…"